Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ziggy Says Goodbye....The End Of My Blog!

Well my friends I think this is it, I am ending my blog here on!
I find myself slowly drifting away from Second Life and not having much to say anymore on the subject enough to make it worth continuing.
I firmly believe that Second Life is coming to its crescendo and I predict it will be changed drastically or gone completely within another year or two! The majority of the clubs have become ghost towns. Many old friends are gone offline or rarely on or moved off into other ventures and Second Life just does not seem fun anymore! This makes it hard for me to continue writing a "fun" blog!
I will continue to venture about on Second Life but not as frequently as well as my real life boyfriend Larz Kas and we also plan on cutting way down on our party and club attendance. It's just that the fun is gone and to be brutally honest: most of the clubs have been driving us nuts, sending millions of drop downs, TP offers and notices constantly and annoying the fuck out of us enough to make us want to stay away. Everybody begging and screaming for Lindens with outstretched hands. Hey peeps one notice per party is enough and if we want a TP we will ask for it.
I am really pissed at the fact that when Larz and myself go to the party's we used to tip regularly and help support the clubs and our friends but when Larz would host an event no one would show up or support him! Hell, many clubs lately nobody bothered to say hello to us as we arrived or goodbye or goodnight when we said good night! Again being my brutally honest self: THIS SUCKS"! No wonder you can no longer fill your clubs!
Now that I have gotten all this off my chest I can carry on and live my Second Life free and easy as I intended it to be.
I will continue posting on my old message board "Cyberia" at if you want to follow me but this blog is now for archives/reading purposes only!
Boy we did have some wild times didn't we and let's hope they can return someday!
Thank you to my friends and followers and encouragers and I will still be following and commenting on your other blogs!
Party on peeps....10 out of 10 Zig points babies and goodbye xoxoxoxox