Thursday, December 29, 2011

Meet My Boyfriend Holter...

I was going to wait until New Years day to make this announcement but I wanted to post this to also promote Holter's new excellent blog!
I met Holter a week ago today and we been dating ever since. When I met Holter I met my match!
I first saw him as he rezzed on the dance floor of Tadd's Nightclub and my jaw dropped. I said hello and we been inseparable ever since!
His blog is called HOLT IT RIGHT THERE and has a permanent link on the top left of my blog by clicking his pic.
His Blog is located here:
He has impressed me with his pics and his writing skills and look forward to his future posts!
I love you baby, welcome to the world of blogdom...

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Bock McMillan said...

Sweet, congrats Ziggy, he seems like a great guy! ;)