Saturday, December 17, 2011

Ban Mesh Back To The Old Phoenix Viewer

Throughout this past summer and all the way until now I had been a fan of the Phoenix Firestorm viewer as well as the old Phoenix Viewer standby and as time went on and mesh became implemented (well documented and bitched about by yours truly elsewhere on this blog)  more and more times than I care to count I would crash for no apparent reason. I experimented with various viewers, settings and blaaa blaaa blaaa!
When I used to download and set up the non-mesh viewer updates and clicked on my default graphic settings it would always set to high or medium type settings and I would rarely have bad lag or crash and my performance and frame rates were reasonable enough to carry on and enjoy my in-world, Second Life experience with out concern.
Since mesh was introduced my frame rates dropped, performance was choppy and laggy and my automatic graphic settings went to low. Basically everything looked horrible while using the same computer, same set up and same settings. My computer is only a year old and has great power, graphics card etc etc.
Mesh or the mesh code has basically lagged everything down to a snails pace and even my buddies with super duper computers have noticed the horrific performance downgrade!
As is I love Firestorm, I mostly loved the built in AO and the multi-clothing layers and became accustomed to using these features to make my avatar look the way I liked but it's the Lindens new codes which bugger things up!
Last night while on an important date I began crashing constantly so bad and then finally I could not log on without crashing, even with the new fixes and upgrades. I tried Firestorm with mesh, Phoenix with mesh and the official SL viewer. All the same..lag, crashing, walking through mud and just so enjoyable I could not continue.
Sooo I went and removed all traces of all viewers from my machine and reinstalled the old version of Phoenix
version without mesh and logged in...WOW back in business like the good old days. Fast performance, good graphics, very little lag and high frame rates. All I needed was to basic down on my multi clothing and tattoo layers and start using my old AO hud and chim for dances and everything was fantastic. No crashes, no crippling lag and an enjoyable experience!
Until Linden Labs gets their shit together and fixes this bad code or mesh or whatever they have screwed with that has lagged down the grid then I am staying with the non-mesh, old viewer 1 style Phoenix Viewer.
I have proven that mesh is the culprit and since I think anything made of mesh that I have seen so far looks plastic, horrible and just plain dull, I don't need or want mesh and will continue with the old Phoenix Viewer until it fails to work or until they fix this terrible crap.
Any viewer with mesh enabled will lag you, slow you down and eventually crash you!

Here is the old, good version of Phoenix in case you need it:
Phoenix Viewer Version

Now I am not hating on Firestorm or Phoenix with mesh or any other viewers because in themselves they work fabulously and have terrific features but for me and my machine, the new code and mesh is just not working. If it works for you then fantastic but if you are having problems like I have, the above viewer is the one for you!
Hopefully in the new year the Lindens will sort this all out and things will speed up but for now it seems it is just not working up to snuff!
Now I will no longer have to spend hours of valuable time tweaking settings, reading Wiki's or Jira's or blog posts, attending classes and trying to figure out what I was doing wrong. I can just log on and have fun!

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Bock McMillan said...

Excellent post, buddy, you have eloquently expressed what we all - or most of us - experience and how we feel about the mesh-mess! ;)