Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ziggy Starsmith: 2 Years and Going Stronger!

It was time for this blog of mine to have a major enema....
This blog has been going for 2 years now and time for a new beginning!
First I need to thank my Second Life partner Aeschylus Shepherd for spiffing up my blog header picture and making it...just better!
I also changed the blog name to just "Ziggy Starsmith" from "On The Edge" because it is going to take a new twist! No orgiastic, blood letting and rampant drugs and debauchery just for the sake of it, shock value or sensationalism!
I want to start covering more Second Life issues as well as share more of my new Second Life with my partner Shep in pics, video and stories rather than the same old, party, party, party! Been there and done all that!
Also thanx to fellow blogger Eddi Haskell who in a blog post on his blog, gave some great tips on streamlining blogs and making them faster loading with less bloated content and bells and whistles! He has also helped me since this blog's beginnings in helping and encouraging me to become a better blogger!
Also a special thanx also to my other fellow bloggers buddy Bock McMillan and Insyx Piranha who along with Eddi/Ryce Skytower encouraged me and gave me inspiration even when I seem all over the place and indecisive with looks and all around craziness!
 Finally a huge thank you to my Second Life best friend and my real life partner of 18 years, Larz Kas who encouraged me to start this blog in the first place and is there to double check my blog posts before I publish them and to be the first to shake his head disapprovingly when I was about to post something that went too far or was way out into space!
I will still have biting, sharped tongue humor and comments but only when (cough) appropriate and of coarse I will still include random party's but the orgies, the drugs, the wanton path's of destruction are gone!
Now let's start again shall we....where was I? 


Carl said...

Like the new look and look forward to the new style. Interesting I am sure Keep it up. smile

Bock McMillan said...

Love the new header, Ziggy!

Like Carl and Eddi, I always look forward to reading your blog and will continue to do so even more in the future I imagine.

Hugs buddy!