Saturday, November 05, 2011

Ziggy Real Life Old Pics...

I thought it would be funny to post some of my real life past pictures from when I was a professional musician in the 1980's. I played bass guitar and sang lead vocals in a punk rock metal band. The top pics are from 1985 when we played a show in a bar called "Larry's Hideaway" here in Toronto, Canada. We were just starting out. Below is from 1987 at La Spectrum in Montreal, Canada which was a huge concert hall after we had released our first album. (It was called album in them days lol)
Many of my close friends in Second Life know already about my real life past but I quit the band and the music business in 1990 to get away from the drugs and alcohol which we were all getting seriously addicted to. I had a bad real life drug problem (cocaine) which I quit, cold turkey in 1992 and never looked back. In order to do this I quit my old life entirely and lost contact with all people involved.
As you see my Second Life persona is based on my old real life past somewhat. Ziggy the avatar is basically me in my youth.
I joke and tell stories in this blog about Ziggy doing drugs and snorting cocaine off men's asses which I really did in RL back in the day but now I do not condone this behavior in reality. I just do this as sensationalism and for humor in the "Ab Fab", Patsy and Edina context!
I have real life pics and interviews from those day all over the internet and some of my SL friends have seen them but no I will not post the info here for privacy reason! Hehehehehe

Ok ok ok ok, I decided to post a video of a song that I sing and play bass guitar on. I also wrote this song in 1984. Brace yourself because it is punk, thrash , metal and not Lady gaga....

The video below is us live at Le Spectrum 1987 in Montreal, Canada. I am the one on the left not singing in this song. hehehehe

The video below was a close up, pro shot video of us rehearsing in 1984 when we first formed the band. The guy with the white bass guitar with Slaughter written on the front of the shirt is me! ;-)


Eddi Haskell said...

You look so cool!!! Like David Cassidy!

Bock McMillan said...

Damn sexy stud in real life too! (But I had to turn the sound off, you nearly blew my eardrums-)

Ohhhh where can I find celeb nude pics of the bass player? ;)


lol guys, there is a nude video of me at a party (real life) where I stand up on a coffee table and pull my pants down to my ankles....somewhere on the internet ;-)