Friday, November 04, 2011

What's Up With Linden Labs?

It has been at least 2 months or more now that about 50% of people on Second Life have been experiencing major constant crashes and graphic problems due to bungled code or something due to the cursed mesh introduction to Second Life. People with certain graphic cards have major issues due to Mesh! I am one of them, experiencing hard crashes without warning and usually in the middle of an important conversation or in the act of um....lovey dovey!
The folks who bring us the Phoenix and Firestorm viewer say they have the final, official, release versions all ready to go with some interesting features and bug fixes but they will not release it until Linden Labs gets their act together and fixes this major problem with the mesh code that causes the crashes and graphics problems! It all seems very hush hush with the Lindens and nothing is ever officially told to us!
As the holiday season rapidly approaches one must wonder if it will be fixed or even considered before Christmas! Can you imagine the new people who decide to try out Second Life and experience these issues and crashing and decide "fuck this" and never return????
Also the problem with mesh clothing not being able to be re-sized to fit and instead we are expected to alter our avatars for this pile of shit!  Mesh to me is a major failure and because of it, all this extra bullshit is pissed down upon us.
The new official viewer is also a silly hunk of dog poop and still they waste time playing with this instead of just fixing more important major bugs! I wonder where their priority lies!
Second Life on the upside is a fantastic place despite the Hitler like mentality of the Lindens and having tried the other virtual worlds, they all suck with lag and bugs that could make a priest curse like a sailor. One must wonder if the Lindens are riding high on a massive ego trip of like it or lump or take it down the road and dump it! faithful, little sheep we stick to Second Life because despite the fuck ups, it can be a fun, wonderful experience, many of us have good friends here and we know we are all desperately addicted and could never imagine our lives without it
Please Mr Big Stuff Lindens, please please get it together before you go too far and we are all forced to quit Second Life because none of us cannot log in anymore!


Torro Spyker said...

thanks for that update Ziggy... I thought it was just me struggling with some kind of bug in my machine. Fingers crossed they sort something soon.

ZE design Zigadena Gabardini-Emarald Harvey said...

hear hear hear!!

Hard Work said...

I crash so much in Second Life, it's beginning to resemble First Life. As much as that annoys me, I am accustomed to it. And that's a REAL shame.