Sunday, November 20, 2011

Plugged In...After Hours

Wow what a party!
Last night Shep and I attended the fabulous new after hours club called PLUGGED IN 2 with Dj Xade and host Kharissa Indigo with the electrifying theme of "electric blue"....
The atmosphere of the club was fun and wild and the colors and dance floor of the club was excellent! The club was packed and all the hotties in attendance were partying it up like it was December 2012 during the apocolypse. The club was brainstormed and designed by Kharissa and Xade and it is technically the replacement for the ill-fated Club Cirkuit which went belly up a few weeks back due to some sort of mishap!
This is going to defo be the club to attend every Saturday night for your naughty, after hours entertainment. The party's are held every Saturday night at 9pm SLT.
I danced with my man, Shep until we literally passed out on the floor and we just could not keep our hands off each other!
We made it home in one piece by limo (of coarse) and Shep surprised me with a ring! We passed out naked on the bed and slipped into total unconsciousness without the benefits of alcohol or drugs, which is pretty much a first for me lol. This goes to show you that Shep is my drug and I don't want no rehab no no!

BIRTHDAY PARTY NOTICE:  Sunday, November 20, 2011 at 3:00 pm SLT sharp
   Special Birthday Party Bash at Pure Sound with DJ Shepherd to celebrate the real life birthday party's of Aeschylus Shepherd and Larz Kas
I will post the Slurl here later or IM me, Larz, Kharissa or Shep inworld for the landmark!
Here is the SLURL: Everyone invited:


Bock McMillan said...

I hope you have a great party for the two hotties, too late for me to come on a work night I am afraid! ;)

Carl said...

Congrats to two hot guys. I am truly happy for you. Looks like a great club. Love the photos.

Torro Spyker said...

Wow! Looks spectacular! great shots of what looks like a superb party ;-)