Sunday, November 06, 2011

Happy 2nd Rez Day Ziggy Starsmith

                                                      Ziggy November 2009
Wow time flies. It is Ziggy's 2nd Rez Day babies but in reality it is my 4th year on Second Life! I was originally born on SL on November 25th, 2007 as Rex Short then Rhett Whybrow. I have told this story before on this blog but yup, Ziggy was hatched November 6th, 2009. This is an example of all my "looks" from the past 2 years in order of their appearance. My fav will always be my current and one of my first, blond Ziggy's.
I have no party's planned because I will be working a real life 13 hour night shift but in my mind I will be remembering the past years and people who have touched my 2nd life...



Thank you my beautiful, Swedish friend xxxx

Petr Vanbeeck said...

Happy Rez Day Studly!