Saturday, November 19, 2011

Finally Free...5 days off

Finally free from the hell known as real life work and I am off for 5 days of bliss to spend with my new man, Shep!!! We went dancing and spent quality time together if you catch my drift! ;-)
What can I say, he makes me wild!!!!
                             Shep, myself and Larz dancing to DJ Regi


                                          Sexy Shep


Bock McMillan said...

Well good for you with almost a week off from work! Have fun and enjoy yourself.

So I sse two Shep in your post called Shep, one is Shep and the other is Sexy Shep.

Thery look alike and dress alike so I am guessing they are twins. the "Just Shep" twin is he gay and is he in a relationship???

Perhaps he would fancy going out with me for a cup of coffee some day, could you ask him? ;)

Bock McMillan said...

Ughhh I was tired when I wrote that, I see the mistakes...


Hands off he be mine ;-)
Bock you naughty Swede!