Monday, November 21, 2011

A Pure Birthday Celebration

Sunday night was the crescendo of fun for me as we celebrated the real life birthday's of Larz Kas and my sexy, new husband Aeschylus Shepherd at Shep's club PURE SOUND...
Shep DJ'd for the first time after 5 months and came out of retirement with a bang!
The 3 hour party was packed with so many close friends that the IM boxes were on fire and the peeps in attendance lavished in the fun atmosphere, the sexy scenery and the pumping, hot tunes from DJ Shep. I know I am biased but the birthday boyz, Larz and Shep looked hotter than hell...and left me "tuned up" the whole time!
Rumor has it that this may become a regular, weekly party at Pure Sound with DJ Shep and host Larz! I will certainly not take no for an answer on this issue if I can help it! Pure Sound is a beautiful club, surrounded by the ocean and beach and the all glass walls allow beautiful scenic views!
I remember the first time I heard Shep DJ was at Club Blu about a year ago and had a crush on him from day one but various events kept us from ever seriously hooking up! The timing was right and at last we are together...
What a great party with my man Shep and my best friend Larz!!!

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Carl said...

I tried to make it to this party Looks like I missed a great one. RL life takes ones time at the wrong times sometimes. Sure everyone had a great one and love the photos.