Thursday, October 20, 2011


Second Life has really become boring for me lately!
Last night I was so bored and fed up with some people that I almost considered quitting Second Life for good and just retire to playing my Facebook games!
I had a good nights sleep and dreamed of my damn, silly avatar and all his eccentric moves that he/I made over the past 4 years and especially all the different looks of Ziggy especially!
I decided to have more fun with Ziggy in the sense that I will no longer have any boundaries over how i look, act or the things i do.
I am going to shapeshift whenever I want, bringing in the fun elements of shapeshifting that i have with my alt: "Valiant Thor". Valiant is sometimes human, sometimes furry, sometimes dinosaur, sometimes whatever and this element is what I am going to upgrade my Ziggy avatar to.
I will never appear the same way constantly and will change my avatar, race, species and maybe even my sex of my avatar whenever the mood strikes me and the situation I am in.
Don't expect Ziggy to always look the same way from day to day!
The pic above are my main three, favorite Ziggy avatars of my male human form but other than those three...anything goes!
I am also cutting down on the bar and club and party scene of Second Life and spending more time exploring, socializing or whatever and not so hellbent of attending every club and party in sight. I am frankly burnt out after 4 years on Second Life and sick of the endless party's!
Yes I will carry on with this blog but it will not be as frequent and I will lean towards better quality posts instead of endless party's, fucking, tits and cocks!
I am no longer interested in standing or dancing around in a boring atmosphere where people are not speaking, trying to look all cool but being more boring than one can possibly imagine!
If I appear next to you one day as a furry wolf and this embarrasses you then you can kiss my ass! I am a leader not a follower, I am unique and not a clone. I know what friends are rather than hangers on and acquaintances and I know what I like despite what is cool and hip man....

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Bock McMillan said...

I am so happy you decided to stay on, Ziggy, whatever shape you choose to manifest yourself in! I will always be proud to stand next to you and call you my friend - even if you should develop boobs, a tail or a snout.

There will always be assholes, we just have to work around them and not let them rule our lives.