Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween At The Pavilion

Oh my bloody God....The Halloween Party at the Pavilion with host Kharissa Indigo and DJ Wesley Spengler was a screaming success! A great collection of costumes, fun and lively conversation and fantastic set design courtesy of Kharissa!
Once again I donned my frock and pink boots and looked as slutty as possible while I danced and dodged sexual insults with Truck Merideth and Tymus Tenk with hilarious back and forth's in a verbal Wimbledon that left us all shaking with laughter!
Nicholas Galewarden looked hotter than vindaloo in his police uniform while the newest, hottest couple on the scene: Larz Kas and Scotty Lacourte made all the monsters drool....
What a great party with more party's to come for this Halloween weekend of debauchery, zombies and naked boogie men all ascending upon me for a piece of the action ;-)
Oh behave!
This party was defo an 11 out of 10 in the Zig point department!
I still want to feel Andy's legs.....

                           (above) Larz Kas and Scott Lacourte

                        Ziggy Starsmith

                                   Larz and Scott

                         Donny and DJ Wesley Spengler
                            Andy and Kharissa Indigo
                            Larz and Scott
                       Tymus tenk and Truck Merideth

                        Nicholas Galewarden and Nicholas Patrono

                           Miss Ziggy Starsmith
                           Miss Ziggy Starsmith

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