Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Are You Man Enough To Be A Woman?

Well the Halloween weekend has ended for another year and with it comes Lady Ziggy's last few breaths before I put away my pink boots and my frocks and return to ME again!
Started the day off dancing at Dorian Gray/Tainted Boys before jetting back home to catch my breath with a nice dinner on the beach of corn on the cob and a dozen or so bottles of wine...then hopped back on the private jet to go party at Tadd's Cabaret, where I watched sexy Tadd and Ryce dance along with trustworthy Larz...

Afterwards we hopped in a cab and took in 2 hours of more Halloween festivities at BOO at BLU (Club Blu) where I perv cammed sexy Zann Baxton and Zim Gunsberg (in white shirt beside me below)

When the night was finally over I was carried out of the cab by my friends and left to recover on my doorstep and after a good few hours I awoke face down in the sand on my beach, covered in cobwebs, leftover pumpkin and melted chocolate where I shit, showered and shaved and put Lady Ziggy to bed for another year....then I went hunting for man ass at Spurt's gay Beach!!!!

Back to being myself again....however a new scandal has been linked to Lady Ziggy as reported by Eddi Haskel here

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