Saturday, October 08, 2011

All Mine...

There i was on another hike through the Second Life wilderness, minding my own business as usual when this big, beefy, shirtless, hunk of a man spotted me as I bent over tying my shoe...The cruising was on!
After making some teasingly, intense eye contact with him, letting him know just exactly what was on my mind, I bustled into the surrounding underbrush with him hot on my trail.
I managed to make my way into a large outcrop of rocks and soon discovered what looked like an abandoned mine shaft into the hillside! I darted inside the mine entrance, disregarding the warning signs that it was unsafe and to keep out.
I was swallowed by the darkness but could feel the presence of the man hunk somewhere in the pitch darkness where he had followed me in pursuit of some man ass. I could just smell his testosterone and knew he was very near but we both could not see each other.
Being the cheeky, smart ass that i am I yelled out "Cum catch me and then ya get to fuck me!" as I plunged further into the blackness, thinking myself quite safe!!!
As soon as I said this there was an earth tremor of some sort and sure as shit the rocks near the entrance of the cave came crashing down, sealing the entrance and my only way of escape. The smell of the man hunks pheromones became very strong and I became very frightened and extremely aroused at the same time!
I spun around in my tracks in semi-panic mode when I hit a wall or so i thought, just as a lighter flicked a hot, bright flame in my face with the man hunk staring into my eyes, 2 inches away. "Gotcha" he said smiling as I was grabbed roughly by both shoulders and lifted into the air and slammed face down into an old mining cart. My hiking cut off jean shorts were torn in half and ripped from my body as my bare ass and swollen cock and balls sprang free, exposed to the man hunks desires.
"Help" I squeaked, as my ass was being rimmed intensely by the hot tongue of this man hunk and his hand reaching around and firmly stroking me!
I began to loose control as well as my dignity as he licked me to a frenzy as I squirmed and twisted in pleasure as he attempted to eat his way up into my ass...
Spinning me around on my back he lifted my legs in the air and drove it home, thrust after thrust of his massive, juicy cock as my body writhed and my fingers feeling his ripe, erect, silver dollar sized nipples through a thin coating of soft chest hair. The more I pinched his nipples the harder his cock got as I felt every inch become best friends with my ass!
Just as we were working up an intense rhythm we heard voices and were horrified to see torches and lanterns lit all around us with a crowd of 30 miners watching us...
To make a long, horrific story short we were escorted from the premises by the amusement park security and taken to police headquarters where we were charged with indecent exposure and causing lewd conduct in a public place.
Turns out we had stumbled into a child's amusement park and were actually inside a fake mining display for a children's carnival ride and were supposedly in front of a two way glass mirror where parents and children screamed in horror at our lurid display, unaware of the hundreds of onlookers on the other side of the glass, lit by black-lights!!!!

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