Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween At The Pavilion

Oh my bloody God....The Halloween Party at the Pavilion with host Kharissa Indigo and DJ Wesley Spengler was a screaming success! A great collection of costumes, fun and lively conversation and fantastic set design courtesy of Kharissa!
Once again I donned my frock and pink boots and looked as slutty as possible while I danced and dodged sexual insults with Truck Merideth and Tymus Tenk with hilarious back and forth's in a verbal Wimbledon that left us all shaking with laughter!
Nicholas Galewarden looked hotter than vindaloo in his police uniform while the newest, hottest couple on the scene: Larz Kas and Scotty Lacourte made all the monsters drool....
What a great party with more party's to come for this Halloween weekend of debauchery, zombies and naked boogie men all ascending upon me for a piece of the action ;-)
Oh behave!
This party was defo an 11 out of 10 in the Zig point department!
I still want to feel Andy's legs.....

                           (above) Larz Kas and Scott Lacourte

                        Ziggy Starsmith

                                   Larz and Scott

                         Donny and DJ Wesley Spengler
                            Andy and Kharissa Indigo
                            Larz and Scott
                       Tymus tenk and Truck Merideth

                        Nicholas Galewarden and Nicholas Patrono

                           Miss Ziggy Starsmith
                           Miss Ziggy Starsmith

Saturday, October 29, 2011

You may be a BOY but hey, you look like a GIRL....

Well he's a woman and she's a man? Decided to be a woman this Halloween and here are the pics of lovely Ziggy in her new pink booties...
P.S.: Shhhhhh it's a secret...I met a beautiful man named Jimmy......

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Phoenix Hour - Oct 18th, 2011: More Upcoming Firestorm Features and Updated Info...

Great new tips on grey people, rebaking, ruthing, texture loading, crashing and clearing well as fantastic new features now added to the Firestorm Viewer yet still on hold due to blundering Linden Lab Mesh Bugs and screwed up coding!

Watch live streaming video from metamixtv at

Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Ajax Lady

Ziggy goes on a bender...

Wow man, what a Friday! After bitching and moaning about dead party's and boring clubs lately I hit the nail on the head and pinned my tail on the donkey today!
Started the morning off sun tanning at Paradise Beach where this homophobic little twerp named TIMTHEGUY was there harassing and throwing insults at all the gay men. When I arrived, Larz Kas was just beginning to lay into him but when I got there we let him have it. Five of us surrounded him, insulted him, pushed him and finally drove him away before I could smash my bottle of Jack Daniels over his head. We thought afterwards that he was a young girl in a mans avatar by the silly comments he/she spouted out. Anyways after my heroic actions i was cruised heavily and hit on by this sexy tattooed man and we sneaked off to the other side of the island and made passionate love in the waves for an hour before we got waterlogged...
After dinner I got undressed, yes UNDRESSED and went to the pool party at TJ's Castle of Love with the spectacular as ever, DJ HOTBOY where everyone was naked, sexy and in heat. Protactinium Thor was there in full glory and watching him dance made me precum in the most visible and obvious way....I had to go dance waist deep in the water!!!!!!
Immediately after the steaming pool party we headed off to the GAY RIVIERA for another naked, pool party in the bath house with studly, DJ REGI YIFFU where we last all inhibitions and everybody and I mean everybody was naked and erect! PRO was there again (sigh) as well as teasingly, seductive RYCE SKYTOWER, BAZ, LARZ, Ty, JORDAN, ZIM, JIMMY, JEOPARD OH, LUCKYMAN and big, hunky TROOPER....
Regi played for 4 hours straight until the last men were standing and it was a fantastic party!
I started to realize through my drunken haze that maybe I should not just go "Blah" to all the party scene but maybe start venturing to some newer clubs and newer scenes instead of boring myself at the same old, same old, routines of my regular club hopping! There are other clubs and DJ's to explore and maybe I should expand my horizons instead of becoming too jaded just because I am sick of some of my usual haunts.
Anyways I am off for 7 days straight of real life and will be back next Saturday for the HALLOWEEN celebrations....have a great week my sexy pixels xoxoxoxox
TJ's Pool Party 10 out of 10 Zig points
Gay Riviera Pool Party 10 out of 10 Zig points....

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Meet Lady Ziggy....H

Having a blast experimenting with alternative avatars and here is one of my newest looks (LMFAO)
Lady Ziggy who was put together for all under 10 Lindens in total!


Second Life has really become boring for me lately!
Last night I was so bored and fed up with some people that I almost considered quitting Second Life for good and just retire to playing my Facebook games!
I had a good nights sleep and dreamed of my damn, silly avatar and all his eccentric moves that he/I made over the past 4 years and especially all the different looks of Ziggy especially!
I decided to have more fun with Ziggy in the sense that I will no longer have any boundaries over how i look, act or the things i do.
I am going to shapeshift whenever I want, bringing in the fun elements of shapeshifting that i have with my alt: "Valiant Thor". Valiant is sometimes human, sometimes furry, sometimes dinosaur, sometimes whatever and this element is what I am going to upgrade my Ziggy avatar to.
I will never appear the same way constantly and will change my avatar, race, species and maybe even my sex of my avatar whenever the mood strikes me and the situation I am in.
Don't expect Ziggy to always look the same way from day to day!
The pic above are my main three, favorite Ziggy avatars of my male human form but other than those three...anything goes!
I am also cutting down on the bar and club and party scene of Second Life and spending more time exploring, socializing or whatever and not so hellbent of attending every club and party in sight. I am frankly burnt out after 4 years on Second Life and sick of the endless party's!
Yes I will carry on with this blog but it will not be as frequent and I will lean towards better quality posts instead of endless party's, fucking, tits and cocks!
I am no longer interested in standing or dancing around in a boring atmosphere where people are not speaking, trying to look all cool but being more boring than one can possibly imagine!
If I appear next to you one day as a furry wolf and this embarrasses you then you can kiss my ass! I am a leader not a follower, I am unique and not a clone. I know what friends are rather than hangers on and acquaintances and I know what I like despite what is cool and hip man....