Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Phoenix Hour Sept 20th 2011 - Important Info on Phoenix with Mesh and Firestorm

Well a few posts ago I bitched and moaned about the new Firestorm beta 3 with Mesh and how mesh seems to have arrived on the grid and totally fucked everything up! Any viewer with mesh capabilities crashes for me very often enough to piss me off and ruin my SL experience on an hourly basis. FUCK MESH! It looks like shit to me. In order to wear mesh clothes you have to modify your avatar not the clothing and unless your a skinny, pink twink it makes you look like shit...try for yourself and'll see!
Anyway I am back on the fantastic Phoenix Viewer for good now until this bullshit is fixed and Firestorm works again. I love and prefer Firestorm viewer but as of now with beta and mesh it is just horrific for me anyways. If it working for you then that's excellent but I don't have a beta mesh horseshoe up my ass.
Anyway here is a very interesting and informative video from the lady that brings you the Phoenix and Firestorm viewer and contains vital, critical information you need to know and also that Phoenix will soon also have mesh. You can bet your sweet ass that I will NOT be using the Phoenix with mesh version as it sure to fuck up! Oh did I say MESH FUCKIN' SUCKS!
In order for me to use the Phoenix viewer again after 6 months or more on Firestorm I had to redo my avatar from the ground up, using only my basic tattoo and clothing layers because I was so used to the multiple clothing layers and attachments which Firestorm has but Phoenix does not...yet! ;-)
There is apparently a major war going on right now between the die hard Phoenix lovers and the Firestorm viewer people. The Firestormers call the Phoenix people the "oldies" and other bad names. What a shambles.
Guess what though...both viewers kick the Linden Lab official Viewer in the teeth backwards leaving it crash ass down in the mud and floundering limply like a flaccid whale gasping for breath on a hot sandy beach....just wish I could still use Firestorm because when/if it works and you get used to it, it leaves Phoenix in the dust!

P.S. I am going to be on the cover of the next COX LEATHER Mag....


Anonymous said...

All of that to plug your cover? ;)

Seriously, though, I do use the Firestorm Mesh Beta and it works for me. It's unfortunate that all viewers don't work for everyone, but... shit happens. Better luck with the next version.

I agree about the mesh clothing. I'm simply not going to adjust my shape to accommodate it. It should be other way around. The only mesh clothing I've seen myself also took its sweet time to rez. While waiting for it, all I saw was a disembodied head and neck, hands, and shoes. Mesh is fail.

Bock McMillan said...

Hmmmmm Ziggy, buddy, do I understand you correctly if I think you are saying Firestorm Mesh Beta sucks big time? I just want to make sure...

And congrats to the cover of Cox Leather Magazine, I know no one who would be better!