Monday, September 19, 2011

Mesh Bullshit and the Degeneration Of Second Life...

In order to view the new mesh, you have to have a mesh capable viewer. As of this writing, the only viewers supporting mesh are Second Life's V3.0 and Kirstens.S21.

Viewer 3.0 is available here...

And Kirstens is available here...

An Article of mesh clothing is actually a special type of prim. Think of it as a flexi sculptie. When wearing mesh, you usually need to hide your avatar with an alpha layer.

The new viewers allow you to wear up to 5 items at any location, and this includes alpha layers. If you need to wear more than one at once (for example, one for the shirt and one for the pants) right click it from your inventory and select "add" instead of "wear"

Remember, you can "add" up to 5 items at any location, be sure you aren't accidently wearing 5 pairs of boots!

The mesh clothing should be right clicked and worn., which will attach it to the appropiate location. Actually, it doesn't seem to matter where you attach them, the items will find the right spots,

We provide two sizes of mesh in our packages. Altough either size should fit any avatar shape, the small one will give you a thinner appearance, while the large size will make you look more muscular.

One word of caution: Viewer 1.23 can't "see" mesh OR alpha layers. We suggest you wear some sort of shorts or something so you don't appear naked to folks using these older viewers.

I'm always unpopular when I bitch and speak out against this new Mesh bullshit encroaching upon us against our will on Second Life but it really does seem to be the Antichrist lately.
Ever since Mesh has entered SL things are declining at a rapid degeneration rate and is caused this overwhelming "walking-through-mud" lag all over the grid, horrible new viewer designs and layouts and so many bells and whistles and toys that for me SL is becoming so unusable and so not fun that i find myself logging off more and watching TV more (gasp)!
Even the trustworthy Firestorm beta 2 is making me crash so damn much I have temporarily fled by default to the dreaded SL Viewer 3 for relief from crashes!
Yeah I could still use Phoenix Viewer but what is the point when it too is doomed?
All I ask for is a viewer that works without crashing, rezzing problems and horrific lag!
Phoenix and the old viewer 1 were all finally working fairly fool proof for a while about a year ago and then it all went to hell...
Prim and sculpty clothing attachments are problem enough and I long gave up on trying to wear belts. Apparently with mesh clothing you must adjust your avatar to fit the clothes!!!!
I tried on a pair of mesh camo pants and they had to be worn with an alpha layer underneath to hide all your body parts which take away any sign of your nice pronounced bubble butt and leave you with a flat ass and chicken, skinny legs. So unattractive. I would have included a picture here of me wearing mesh camo pants but it was so unattractive that my vanity prevented me from being seen like that!
yeah the idea is nice and if it worked and integrated with what we have that would be nifty and nice as a kitten in a basket but everything is in an upheaval because of this shit!
Fuck the new viewers
Fuck mesh
Fuck you if you disagree

Oh Ziggy your such a shit disturber ;-)

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