Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Firestorm Beta 3 with Mesh Support released and is horrific...

I just downloaded and began using the brand, new released Firestorm Beta 3 with Mesh Support which was released an hour ago and my word to the wise BEWARE!!!!
This version is worse than ever before. The graphics look blurry and not as crisp. Things rezz slow or not at all. In the daylight settings the revert to default is missing and the viewer seems sluggish! The colors appear washed out and not as detailed or intense and everything seems fuzzy around the edges. Looks cheap compared to before with the settings all exactly as before.
It seems SL in general is getting worse and worse and no wonder people are leaving in droves at times. There is so much new, unnecessary crap, bells and whistles and mesh that you need to spend all your online time googling things on how to work everything that you playtime on Second Life is reduced to a few frustrating moments a day.
Phoenix Viewer and viewer 1 style were finally working good for most people. We then get all these "improvements" which cause viewers to have to adapt and change and if folks don't have super computers it mostly does not work and is utter useless crap. My computer is a year old, damn good one for the time and video and internet and games work super fast and fine but when it comes to Second Life it usually is an episode in lag, frustration, hours of learning what extra crap and buttons do and under regular situations most noobs coming to Second Life would just give up.
Now Firestorm alpha preview worked the best for me so far and then the last Firestorm beta was causing me to crash constantly when I rarely crashed before. Now this Beta 3 with Mesh is horrific. Worse and worse performance. I waited 15 minutes for the floor and roof of Club Blu to rezz with only 13 people on the sim. This is reDICKulous!!!!
There are too many un-needed features and toys added to SL and the viewers and it is gotten to the stage of being almost unusable. Then we get blamed for the lag because of our prim hair (which never caused lag before on viewer 1's) or that our graphic cards are not strong enough etc etc....I am sorry but if our graphic cards etc work fantastic for everything else normal on the net then why is SL such a bitch that she needs super expensive extra stuff. Just not worth it in my opinion. Second Life should just be download a viewer, log in and play on a normal computer or it simply is not user friendly.
Thats my wine and bitch for the day and somebody had to say the truth.
My recommendation...stick with Phoenix until we die! You don't need this mesh and windlight shit, they are just useless toys!

UPDATE: The radar does not work right. It showed someone as being 5 meters from me but were actually on the other side of the sim. Avatars also flicker in and out like a faulty facelight gone nuts!
I know and appreciate the hard work of the Phoenix Firestorm people but I just don't think this version of the viewer is ready yet to be released and would have preferred to have waited for it to be sorted out bug wise first rather than rush it out with mesh. I was very excited about this release and this lackluster version just left me limp!

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Grunt Popstar said...

Loves your honest and direct thoughts. LOL. Keeping Phoenix until I cant no more.

Avacar said...

Well, Ziggy. Why don't you report the bugs you are finding in your VERY BETA version of 3.0 and contribute to its success rathe than bitch and moan abou tit...? You did know it is not an official touted as bug-free release, right?