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Damiax Anatra'Thor combining Art With Fashion

Damiax Anatra'Thor is the creator and owner of DamiaxArt and Museum & Art-Inside. In October 2011 he is teaming up with Egoisme to do a project that combines art and fashion....
One of the most fascinating aspects of Damiax's work is his Art Inside exhibits which consists of a large box with the painting and art work on the front which opens up to reveal the exact replica of the artwork in 3D form enabling you to walk inside the painting and become part of the art in a interactive, virtual copy of the art (as displayed by the pictures below.) Absolutely brilliant!!!

Hello Damiax thank you for doing this little chat with me. We have met so many years ago when I was an avi named Rhett Whybrow and we been in and out of each others circles for 3 years or more now.
You gave me a painting many years ago called "Men Battle" which I love and have had on the wall of my home as well as numerous other art pieces from your museum which my home is filled with!

1) What made you first find Second life and do you still love it as much as when you first joined?

I had seen videos on the internet showing this wonderful world and I created a character to visit. I had the good fortune to meet Torchwood, my wonderful husband a month after joining Second Life. He was the first to believe in me and be my muse that inspired me and 4 years later he continues to support me.
The thing that struck me the most is the ability to create what ever my imagination could have imagine. In this way I could give life to my art. I got to know some artists in Second Life and I was fascinated by the idea of being able to create art. Thus I decided to start my projects with DamiaxArt and Art - Inside. I have started to rebuild some famous paintings with the materials of Second Life, for example, artists such as Botticelli, Monet, Esher, De Chirico.
I was fortunate to meet people who have helped me a lot for my projects, like my sweet sl sister Johnnie Rau, offered a space where to show my work and to her I have dedicated my museum. I also have a great friend named Tadd Rivers that helped me to show my work in Second Life. And yes, I do love SL even more today. I am happy in SL.

2) In October you are planning on doing a project to combine art with Egoisme store with fashion. Can you tell us about this project and the dates?

Ramses Meredith, creator of Egoisme. and I have been friends for a long time. We began to build things together and I remember when we went to many sandboxs in a different sims to see the wonders of Second Life. I did not imagine that we would become two well known brands in this world. It was easy for us to combine our two brands to create this interesting project. We started in September proposing this to a number of artists from Second Life and creating a place for their creations and hoping that they have the same good fortune as we had.
I have meet Ramses since he came to Second Life and we have always traveled in search of ideas and solutions to build, we watched the big brands with admiration and even fear. we thought was impossible to arrive at their levels, and we were working to invent objects, to understand how we could do the textures and everything that we needed to play. We had never thought of trying to do the work ourselves but slowly we started to sell and here we are!
We have a passion for art and so we "built" bridge between art and fashion, letting people to feel it in a common space, Egoisme sim, where customers and visitors can walk across fashion and art. We have think to create a sort of gallery openspace on the streets and the square, a perfect mix of good taste, fashion and creativity. to enhance the visitors tour. This project of multiple talents will continue until the last week of October. Egoisme has become a holding company with seven brands in it, and many strategic alliances, so we will be happy to organize a week of fashion and events where we will show all our new creations in a context where art will be the hostess

3) Tell us more about your Museum and Art Inside Art.

These are two separate projects. The Art Museum and my shops, I use to fund my personal gallery, to show my works that are not for sale. I produce both works of art by famous artists, and furnishings for the home. Also, I build on special requests. I offer a very eclectic mix of items, from of course Art for your SL home to fun items for play. My museum, Art Museum Johnnie Rau, was my first large exposition of art works, which has grown and continues to grow as I create more items.

4) What are your favorite artists in Second Life and Real Life? Have You Ever Made Any real-life art yourself?

Travelling in Second Life, I met a work of Esher (Relativity), reproduced from Solkide Auer and I liked the idea of walking into a painting. Thus began my project of creating Art - Inside. Then I wanted to dedicate to my favorite artist René Magritte exhibition dedicated to him called Magritte Project where I have tried to recreate some of his best known works in a place dedicated to him and finally ushering in my first gallery in Second Life.
In real life I paint as a hobby and I work in the art business in rl, but I do not think it will ever expose my works. But art is my life's passion.

5) Ok now for my generic question. When Damiax what would you do or if Second Life Vanishes for ever?

OH MY GOD!!! ^_^ I think that I would not care about losing anything material in sl, but my art would suffer a lot in losing my beloved Torchwood and friends who accompany me in this wonderful world. In our relationship I am inspired to create beautiful things, that can bring some joy that i have from my 4 years with my Sl partner. WIthout SL, I would so miss creating art in the format offered, and my partner. Lets hope that does not ever happen!! :)

Visit Damiax's Art Museum here:

                           Damiax Anatra'Thor

 Below: A Video of Damiax's Magritte Project

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