Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ziggy Gets High....

Well real life was extra special today when I went this morning to finally have my tooth pulled. I have been suffering with a very bad toothache for 3 weeks plus and had to have it surgically removed but unfortunately had to wait 2 weeks to get it done.
The dentist gave me gas to put me out and I have never been higher in my life. I literally floated up out of my body and was concerned with shopping, sex and anything but feeling and hearing my gums being slashed open and my tooth being torn from it's socket.
At one point they were pulling my tooth and it was making cracking and snapping sounds and was being broken to get it all out and I remember in my stoned condition thinking to myself: " God this sound is annoying" lol. Felt nothing and was more concerned with the sound distracting my fun high....
When it was done they stitched me up and made me lay down a while to pull myself together and then took my money for their services and sent me off into the streets to wander or float home!
Now that the bastard demon tooth is gone forever I can get down to some serious partying and speaking of partying, Mr Ryce Skytower has agreed to a nude photo shoot with me so watch this space for hot picks of sexy Ryce giving us a good, long hard look at his exposed, naked body writhing in twists of photographic climax..... hehehehe 

1 comment:

Bock McMillan said...

So glad you finally got that darn tooth out!

...and happy to note that you got that hottie Ryce to model for you, my anticipation to see the shots from that shoot are already killing me! ;)