Friday, August 12, 2011

teej's Castle of Love's Last Pool Party

What is with all the recent club closings recently? The latest last party was at one of my favs teej's Castle of Love Pool Party! Enjoy the pictures of some of the beautiful sexy men in attendance. The party was DJ'd by sexy HOTBOY LOCKJAW!
As of writing this I also got a brief, abrupt message from ADO and Trace from Tainted Boys that the club Dorian Grey is no more as of immediately and the club was gone already! Lots of speculation going on in chat over this fiasco!

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DJ InsyX said...

Yeah and TBone's last party was my set on Tuesday. Though the reason for that is financial. Tom06 Castro got better deal at Gay Nations. Not sure what the reason for Tainted Boys closing. The new club was doing very well. Confusuion atm is all I am left with wondering what's going on with that.