Thursday, August 04, 2011

My New Island Home at La Isla Bonita

As you may be sick of hearing, I had recently moved to a 1/4 sim island home and been promising some pictures for those who give a fuck. :-)
I live in a small cozy beach house with my main living areas outdoors. Larz Kas lives in another small cottage on the other side of the beach.
We have lots of wild life and even a live, working volcano which goes off at rare intervals, usually at sunset!
I love having friends over but all i ask is that you message me first in case I am enjoying nature in the altogether or enjoying it with a special, close friend!


Carl said...

Beautiful Ziggy. Now this would be the life. Back to nature. I am sure you will enjoy it there. Thanks for sharing the photos.

Joseph said...

Wow, you even have a volcano!


The volcano blows when I um....heat up!