Monday, August 29, 2011

Bar Hopping...

Woke up this morning with blood shot eyes and after a buffet of the hair of the dog I pulled myself together to head off to the Tainted Boys Dorian Grey Club but the sim crashed half way through the set and the gig was cancelled. Speaking of which, the DJ night 4th anniversary party held at the ultra laggy Arsenal sim was also cancelled last night after multiple sim crashings. The lag was so horrific that after a major hard crash which did something weird to my computer temporarily,I decided not to return because it was that bad!
I just wish that when an event of this size is held that maybe some of the extra scripts and unnecessary bling, bells and whistles should be removed temporarily to cut down such bad lag.

Also bar hopped over to Regi Yifu's new club Warehaus 69 for a while and was impressed by the rough and tough decor.

Last but not least, went to Tadd's Cabaret last night to see this fabulous singer/guitarist who unfortunately her name escapes me. She did play some fantastic blues rock including a fantastic version of "Heartbreaker" by Led Zeppelin which brought the house down.
Danced and chatted with sexy Ryce Skytower afterwards when DJ TinaMarie rocked us with some classic, 80's, hairband rock and roll which left me begging for more.
Speaking of begging for Ryce in his undies had me howling at his generous eye candy...perhaps one day I might be able to talk him into a nude photo shoot for this blog (hint hint)....

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Ryce Skytower said...

Any time Ziggy! I will bare my all for you! I can't wait :)