Friday, August 19, 2011

Back To The Grind....

How 3 week vacation from real life work is now officially over and it's going out like a lion! I have a roaring toothache which despite the huge amounts of painkillers and drugs I am still in agony until 3 hours from now when my tooth will be ripped from my face! It has kept me up for 4 days straight with no sleep and I am not exaggerating...I am a zombie.
Anyways before this crap i did have some fun Second Life times. I went and explored the new Gay Nations San Francisco Virtual world and was helped by Guy Bakerly into making myself look as close to Ziggy as possible! The place is still not quite ready for habitation yet and I found the lag to be horrific despite the fact I was on in the middle of the night with only 2 people logged inworld. I'm sorry but it hardly beckons me from Second Life and the party's, friends, sex and the drugs! The same goes for Blue Mars which I checked out a few months ago, horrible, unbearable lag and no fun to be seen!
I was also pillaged by constant crashes on my Firestorm Viewer which at it's worst made me crash every 30 minutes. I tried clean reinstall 3 times, lowered my settings to prehistoric levels and nothing helped until I read on a message board to set some obscure setting on my graphics card from automatic to off...and it seemed to have worked! I crash maybe every 4 hours or so instead of every few minutes!
Also these past few weeks I saw a few clubs close, reopen, vanish and some become graveyards! New clubs opened and some new friends made! My hair and skin were constantly diddled until many of you had no idea who i was with all my plastic surgery. All it takes is time and Lindens and recovery time=seconds!
Anyways, back to work for Zig and I will be off SL for the next 7 days or so....
Have fun babies! xxxx


Joseph said...

It seems like a lot of clubs did indeed close and open, it was pretty wild; It seems like things in life go in waves. At my last job, people would come and go every two years or so, you could almost set your watch to it!

See you in seven days, can't wait to see your new look.

Carl said...

Love your blog and your outlook as to life. One day want to do a make over, once I go to work and can afford it. Love you attitude man. Look forward to reading your feelings and thoughts. You say everything so well.