Sunday, August 14, 2011

After Hours at Club CiRKuit Dreams

Wow what a night. It started out dull as dishwater and ended in an explosion of delights!
Started the night out at my place in the "man cave" with Larz Kas and Kharissa Indigo as we dined on lobster and steak before sneaking off to my lavatory for some powdered pick me ups!
We then had a private helicopter fly us to Tadd's Nightclub were we danced long and hard but the best was yet to come when we all stumbled half in the bag and two shits to the wind to the new CLUB CiRKuit Dreams After Hours Party with DJ Xade Undamann who bombasted us non-stop with fantastic high energy tunage!!! What a fucking good club, good DJ and good fucking party! I loved it there! We hooked up there with Kyle Beckett and Jayden Angelus as well as cute, hot little Jeff Ellsworth, Eddi Haskel and his man Jago, nadav and more friends than we could shake a stick at!
What a great club and I will make a point of partying there whenever I inhumanly can!

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Bock McMillan said...

LOL You party animal, you!