Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ziggy Gets High....

Well real life was extra special today when I went this morning to finally have my tooth pulled. I have been suffering with a very bad toothache for 3 weeks plus and had to have it surgically removed but unfortunately had to wait 2 weeks to get it done.
The dentist gave me gas to put me out and I have never been higher in my life. I literally floated up out of my body and was concerned with shopping, sex and anything but feeling and hearing my gums being slashed open and my tooth being torn from it's socket.
At one point they were pulling my tooth and it was making cracking and snapping sounds and was being broken to get it all out and I remember in my stoned condition thinking to myself: " God this sound is annoying" lol. Felt nothing and was more concerned with the sound distracting my fun high....
When it was done they stitched me up and made me lay down a while to pull myself together and then took my money for their services and sent me off into the streets to wander or float home!
Now that the bastard demon tooth is gone forever I can get down to some serious partying and speaking of partying, Mr Ryce Skytower has agreed to a nude photo shoot with me so watch this space for hot picks of sexy Ryce giving us a good, long hard look at his exposed, naked body writhing in twists of photographic climax..... hehehehe 

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bar Hopping 2: HUNG

After a quick shower to cool off from all the sexy men in all the sexy clubs i went to check out the new Club HUNG...Just feast your eyes on these sexy hunks of hung man flesh!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Bar Hopping...

Woke up this morning with blood shot eyes and after a buffet of the hair of the dog I pulled myself together to head off to the Tainted Boys Dorian Grey Club but the sim crashed half way through the set and the gig was cancelled. Speaking of which, the DJ night 4th anniversary party held at the ultra laggy Arsenal sim was also cancelled last night after multiple sim crashings. The lag was so horrific that after a major hard crash which did something weird to my computer temporarily,I decided not to return because it was that bad!
I just wish that when an event of this size is held that maybe some of the extra scripts and unnecessary bling, bells and whistles should be removed temporarily to cut down such bad lag.

Also bar hopped over to Regi Yifu's new club Warehaus 69 for a while and was impressed by the rough and tough decor.

Last but not least, went to Tadd's Cabaret last night to see this fabulous singer/guitarist who unfortunately her name escapes me. She did play some fantastic blues rock including a fantastic version of "Heartbreaker" by Led Zeppelin which brought the house down.
Danced and chatted with sexy Ryce Skytower afterwards when DJ TinaMarie rocked us with some classic, 80's, hairband rock and roll which left me begging for more.
Speaking of begging for Ryce in his undies had me howling at his generous eye candy...perhaps one day I might be able to talk him into a nude photo shoot for this blog (hint hint)....

Folsom Booted Freak-Sunday August 28, 2011 at Folsom Factory

Skylock Studio Presents: Folsom Booted Freak

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Blue Balls At The Bunker...

I decided to smoke a spliff and head out dancing this afternoon after hearing nothing about hurricanes all day so I needed a break! I made my way over to The BUNKER where DJ Queen was playing and SEXY HOST AVACAR BLUSTAR and omg he had me panting and howling like a dog. What a sexy hot fucker. Perv cammed him the whole fucking party and watched him gyrate to the sounds! My balls were blue by the end of the party and wanted to fuck him soooo bad.....hehehehe

Friday, August 26, 2011

#1 Bad Boy

My work week is over and I was ready to fornicate like no other and my sexual appetite was second to none as I logged into Second Life after 6 days of abstinence...
Took a helicopter straight to BROTHERS and sashayed into the place like a rooster and eyed the line ups of pretty hot men in attendance and had my fill. I waltzed straight up to the second floor followed by a parade of hotties and took out the biggest bag of cocaine found on Second Life and spread those fucking lines out on the weight bench and prepared to dry hump the first who dared to bend over to snort my wares! The joke was on me however when i was grabbed in a wrestlers hold under my arms and savagely taught a lesson in man hood while the onlookers enjoyed my um, party favors!
After an hour or six, I managed to get my second wind and beamed my naked ass over to Paradise gay beach when this big, bad sucker with a fist as big as your head tried to get me. Turns out he was a cop and tried to arrest me. I said uh uh babe but he pulled out a gun and forced me at gun point to eat him alive. It was hotter than Tyra in a FAT suit in JULY and the the hot sand combined with the cop on Ziggy action was enough to fry an egg but instead it filled the air with a sweet smell of bacon!
Still not satisfied I took the red eye to Hubs and lo and behold there were men there too and all waiting on some action that turned out to be hotter than vindaloo.
After the party all of us exhausted, sweaty men hopped in a cab to my place were we skinny dipped in the surf and played shark under the water with our tali-wags...
We snorted, we smoked, we drank and we fucked until dawn when we all fell asleep on the beach and the sobering, early morning sunshine woke us up to slowly drift off into our daily Second lives!
The moral of this story is never make Ziggy work so many real life hours or there will be hell to pay on Friday night...just saying.
If you ain't got time to take a walk with with me on my meat rack then you can just get the hell outta my bread line!!!!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Tea House Of The August Moon

Here are some lovely little pickies from the Tea House Of The August Moon Party which I attended today instead of going to real life work hehehe...enjoy!