Friday, July 08, 2011

Ziggy Is Back Motherfuckers...

"Oh Ziggy, I guess your new conservative look is working for you!"
WTF, someone uttered this to me yesterday about my recent newer look with brown hair, shaved and cleaned up! I snapped!!!
I had lost my edge it seemed and so Ziggy is back to the bitch...yup the bitch is in heat again!
It's not Ziggy without your black hair, my friends screamed from the roof here we go again!!!!


Bock McMillan said...

Don´t listen to them, just be true to your self Ziggy!

...and you look awesome anyway you want ;)

Kharissa Indigo said...

Ziggy Ziggy Ziggy
Baby you are very HAWT and Smexy ...So if your not looking to get in to that person's pants who cares ...LOL...I'll take you any way you cum!!!!!

Love ya


Another person joking said I looked like a Real estate agent lmao.
Anyways Ziggy will just be a mixture between the old and new. No major changes! xxxxx
Thanx for your comments babies, I love you!