Saturday, July 16, 2011

Taking A Breath...Loving The Firestorm Viewer and Viewer 2 Style!

I am so tired! I just finished a particularly, grueling work week for the past 7 days in real life and finally have some time off. First thing I did upon logging on and clearing a million group notices and I.M.'s was to head to CALAS GALADHON sim with hubby Larz and partook in a relaxing 45 minute hot air, balloon ride over the sim!
One more week of real life work ahead of me and then I am on a glorious, three week vacation until mid August and I need it!
I am still using the Firestorm Viewer full time and loving it. I can safety proclaim that I am comfortable using any viewer 2 layout on Second life after dabbling with the official viewer 2 as well as Firestorm and I am finding I actually like the new sidebar. Once I got used to it I found the viewer 2 style sidebar to be actually more convenient to use as I keep my mouse pointer resting in the mid, right side of my screen and find it quicker and handier to click my inventory there instead of moving it to the buttons on the bottom of the screen! It just goes to show you that you need to try new things with an open mind and give things some time to re-learn.
My recommendation is to dabble with the Firestorm viewer once a day when your in a quiet place and click and fiddle around to get the hang of things. Over time as you get more acquainted with everything then try chatting with someone on it and then if ready, venture to a club to test it out in a busier atmosphere. When the time comes (and it soon will) when the viewer 1 style viewers stop working then you will be much more prepared to use the viewer 2 style full time with a smooth transition.
I have removed the Phoenix viewer from my PC and only use Firestorm and sometimes Viewer2 full time now because of the multi-clothing and attachment layers etc.


Bock McMillan said...

Good advice, Ziggy, l´ll try to follow it because Like you we will soon be face with only viewer 2 styled viewers, so I better get used to it ;)


True Bock. BTW I will contact you inworld soon if your still interested in doing a photo shoot for my Hot and Sexy men of SL....