Monday, July 04, 2011

Live Musicians On Second Life

Something I used to dabble in as a noob on SL and have recently gotten back into the habit of, is going to see and hear live musicians perform in Second Life.
I have been to a lot of concerts and enjoyed most of them except when the atmosphere is totally ruined when a naked, hairless, pink noobie flies across the screen and crash lands into the performer! Yup seen that happen!
One place I miss which is now closed was called VIRGIL'S which had musicians playing blues, rock, country and everything in-between.
When I say live musicians I don't mean look-a-like avatars dancing to a recording on an explosive stage but I mean an avatar playing or singing on a stage but the music is actually being sung and played by them simultaneously in real life through their computer. Often a video screen is behind them showing via web cam, the real life person performing.
I have seen some fantastic guitar players and singers, especially the ones who play the blues.
There is always a stage set up, sometimes in peaceful, out door locations like a woodstock-ish festival and people sit on the grass or chairs and watch and listen to the performer rather than dance. Many indoor clubs do include a dance floor as well as comfy seating and bar area to sit and watch.
I always have tremendous appreciation for live SL performers because they are not just playing their ipods through a program but they actually have talent (Oh I will get in shit from my DJ friends for that comment) hehe
Being a former professional musician myself in real life I have often thought of getting something together to sing and play but my erratic, real life schedule does not enable me the time to do it right, but maybe one day!
Remember my blog stalkers...don't dream it...BE IT!

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