Saturday, July 30, 2011

Holidays In The Sun...

Finally my move to my new SL beach home is complete and also being on RL vacation for 3 weeks from work, I finally exhaled!
Had a great visit from my sexy, ex-boyfriend Kyle Beckett and got back in touch after a few months.
I also finally settled on a new avatar for Ziggy that I was 100% happy with. The past few weeks I had been experimenting with different hair and was never quite satisfied with my look...blond hair, brown hair, black hair so after being somewhat in awe with another friends shape and skin I decided to go with a whole new skin. This gave me more open-minded options for hair styles and colors which the old Ziggy avatar might not have suited. After getting the best skin I have yet to see on SL from a place called REDGRAVE SKINS, I went to BAD@SS hair designs and found a brand, new, released hair style and color which I loved. My new avatar is a vast departure from the "old" Ziggy but still has the best qualities from my old style and my new.
My shape is my original, custom made one that I have had since 2008 when I was still Rhett Whybrow and combined with the new skin and hair I finally feel i got it right!
Anyways, party time is upon us my sexy, party babies and I hope to see you out there on the dance floor. Come party with me....

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Bock McMillan said...

Hey handsome, why are the good one´s always taken..?

Very yummy look, Ziggy! ;)