Saturday, July 30, 2011

Holidays In The Sun...

Finally my move to my new SL beach home is complete and also being on RL vacation for 3 weeks from work, I finally exhaled!
Had a great visit from my sexy, ex-boyfriend Kyle Beckett and got back in touch after a few months.
I also finally settled on a new avatar for Ziggy that I was 100% happy with. The past few weeks I had been experimenting with different hair and was never quite satisfied with my look...blond hair, brown hair, black hair so after being somewhat in awe with another friends shape and skin I decided to go with a whole new skin. This gave me more open-minded options for hair styles and colors which the old Ziggy avatar might not have suited. After getting the best skin I have yet to see on SL from a place called REDGRAVE SKINS, I went to BAD@SS hair designs and found a brand, new, released hair style and color which I loved. My new avatar is a vast departure from the "old" Ziggy but still has the best qualities from my old style and my new.
My shape is my original, custom made one that I have had since 2008 when I was still Rhett Whybrow and combined with the new skin and hair I finally feel i got it right!
Anyways, party time is upon us my sexy, party babies and I hope to see you out there on the dance floor. Come party with me....

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ziggy Back On The Beach....

Last week I moved yet again to a 1/4 sim beach lot because I missed living on the beach and it has so much space for such a great price it was an offer too good to refuse! When I am settled I will show you all some pics...

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hot and Sexy Men of Second Life: LARZ KAS

This weeks Hot and Sexy man of Second Life is my partner LARZ KAS. (Mr Ironworks 2010 and Host and Dancer for The Aqua Lounge and The Gay Riviera)

Now Larz is my partner in a very, open relationship guys but that does not mean he is not available so feel free to go for him ;-)
Enjoy these pictures of Larz and now it makes it easier to perv cam him in full, glorious color! Enjoy...

Monday, July 18, 2011

Zig Ziggy Takes A Walk....

Sometimes an avatar needs a break, sometimes an avatar gets horny, sometimes an avatar wants to fuck...

There I was minding my own beezwax, snorting some pixilated cocaine off the back of some gorgeous hunks hand when I felt an adrenaline rush so strong and so overwhelming that i felt i needed to get!
I decided to do a power walk for some much needed fresh air and (s)exercise so i put on a pair of very skimpy, faded denim shorts, ripped off my shirt and walked out the door. I bit my lower lip as I walked past all the bars and bath houses because today it was going to be all about health and not hot, casual sex with, hairy, beefy chested avatar men all leering and touching themselves as I slid past their gauntlets of unsavory lust!
I breathed a sigh of relief when I made it to the corner and headed for the local park. I was already dripping in sweat and thought to myself, hmmmm great workout so far....
A head of me lay a deep dark forest with a beautiful nature trail made of fresh wood chips that filled the air with an aroma of cedar. I headed into the woods with aerobics on my mind and a head spinning with hallucinations that something was following me.
I barely made it 4 feet into the underbrush when it dawned on me that the bushes were moving all around me and the smell of man pheromones permeated the air. the birds stopped chirping, chipmunks ran for shelter and crickets silenced their choruses. I felt like Goldilocks surrounded by three big bear men as the bushes parted and i found myself completely and utterly surrounded by huge, lumber jack men all shirtless, sweating with the tightest jeans I ever saw. It was like a cheesy scene from a hot Tom Of Finland picture and i was going to be the helpless victim!
I attempted to run and my brain kept telling me to "just ignore them" but i was set upon and captured and within moments I found myself lashed to a horizontal log on my back in an upward, arched position and being ravaged by nature boys all hell bent on making me their girl scout cookie!
After I was eaten, I managed to break my restraints and flee but not before some very kind, generous man helped me compose myself and clean me up by taking me home and helping me to shower and put on some clean jocks....
The moral of my story is, I guess...if you go into the woods today you're in for a big surprise because that might be the day that the teddy bears have their picnic!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Taking A Breath...Loving The Firestorm Viewer and Viewer 2 Style!

I am so tired! I just finished a particularly, grueling work week for the past 7 days in real life and finally have some time off. First thing I did upon logging on and clearing a million group notices and I.M.'s was to head to CALAS GALADHON sim with hubby Larz and partook in a relaxing 45 minute hot air, balloon ride over the sim!
One more week of real life work ahead of me and then I am on a glorious, three week vacation until mid August and I need it!
I am still using the Firestorm Viewer full time and loving it. I can safety proclaim that I am comfortable using any viewer 2 layout on Second life after dabbling with the official viewer 2 as well as Firestorm and I am finding I actually like the new sidebar. Once I got used to it I found the viewer 2 style sidebar to be actually more convenient to use as I keep my mouse pointer resting in the mid, right side of my screen and find it quicker and handier to click my inventory there instead of moving it to the buttons on the bottom of the screen! It just goes to show you that you need to try new things with an open mind and give things some time to re-learn.
My recommendation is to dabble with the Firestorm viewer once a day when your in a quiet place and click and fiddle around to get the hang of things. Over time as you get more acquainted with everything then try chatting with someone on it and then if ready, venture to a club to test it out in a busier atmosphere. When the time comes (and it soon will) when the viewer 1 style viewers stop working then you will be much more prepared to use the viewer 2 style full time with a smooth transition.
I have removed the Phoenix viewer from my PC and only use Firestorm and sometimes Viewer2 full time now because of the multi-clothing and attachment layers etc.

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Tainted Boys new Dorian Grey Club

I decided to take the day off rl work for a change and have fun!
Hooked up with my buddy Dune Zunimoor, did some quick shopping and he made me a fantastic, new profile pic which I love!
Later I met up with my new buddy Dagger Thorr and NakedCarl Paneer and checked out the brand, new opening of Tainted Boys new CLUB DORIAN GREY! DJ Sasch spun the tunes and a large turnout made it a great start! Club looks very classy and I liked the layout and friendly, welcoming crowd.
Afterwards I got together with my hubby Larz for dinner and ate far too much as usual...

Friday, July 08, 2011

Ziggy Is Back Motherfuckers...

"Oh Ziggy, I guess your new conservative look is working for you!"
WTF, someone uttered this to me yesterday about my recent newer look with brown hair, shaved and cleaned up! I snapped!!!
I had lost my edge it seemed and so Ziggy is back to the bitch...yup the bitch is in heat again!
It's not Ziggy without your black hair, my friends screamed from the roof here we go again!!!!

Hot and Sexy Men of Second Life: Newcomer DAGGER THORR

While dancing at the Fabulous Tadd's Cabaret the other night I met and got to chatting with a new dude who was fairly new to Second Life but really caught my eye in the way he seemed to have himself well put together! Meet newcomer DAGGER THORR...
Dagger is single and sexy and says he is looking for that special man!
With pictures like this he may not be looking very long. Enjoy....