Monday, June 27, 2011

My Love Affair With Firestorm Beta Viewer Is Over...I want a Divorce!

I been using and loving the new Phoenix Firestorm beta Viewer religiously since it came out but over the last week or so I have ran into issues that seemed to have evolved over time the more I used the viewer.
The first thing that started happening was my avatar started to stop fully rezzing even after hours as my clothes stayed blurry or my face. To others I appeared fine but to me it was headache-causing blurriness. I rebaked until my cookies burnt with no improvement.
Also many object would not rezz fully like chairs and plants in my home unless I walked up close to them.
The final straw came a few minutes ago when I realized that my music stream would not change when I teleported to other sims and clubs. I was at one club for 2 hours before I found out it was the music stream playing from my house. Missed the whole damn gig.
I tried going to the club and re-logging to get the proper stream but instead I got a music stream from somewhere else (God knows from where)and it began happening constantly over the last 2 days so I said "Fuck This" and went back on the trusted Phoenix Viewer.
In my opinion the Phoenix Firestorm Public Beta Viewer is not ready enough for full time usage and in fact for me worked worse than the alpha preview version.
Sooooo...I am sticking with Phoenix until Firestorm is ready for prime time.
I want a divorce from all viewer 2's until they get it all sorted and God help us all when the day comes that Viewer 1's and Phoenix no longer work!
With that being said I have had some great, hot adventures that I will include in my next blog post later tonight with some very hot pictures!!!!!

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Carl said...

This is good to know. I am on Phoenix, the latest updat, and like it. I feel for you with these problems. Ihave been through that in the past. I am looking forward to your next posting. Seeing the hot photos tonight might be the perfect time. smile Take care and hugs.