Friday, June 17, 2011

Lifestyles Of The Bitchin' Famous: Part Three: Kharissa Indigo's - Lost Valley Ranch for Amaretto Breedable Horses

Well you hot, snorting stallions, this week Mr Larz Kas and I decided to go horseback riding and I don't mean pony fetish play but real Amaretto Horse riding at the famously, delicious Kharissa Indigo's "Lost Valley Ranch". The Lost Valley Ranch is a beautiful spread in a meadow surrounded by mountains and water in a beautiful setting.
Kharissa breeds many rare breedable Amaretto horses here for auction, show and as pets!
She has been collecting and breeding these Second Life horses since approximately October 2010 where she first introduced these animals to Larz and I and my first introduction to them was when I walked out on my beach, early morning with the sun blinding my eyes and I stepped in a huge pile of potent horse shit. I had not been aware that Larz had received a horse from Kharissa and it had been roaming around all night on our beach, in the night in the dark!
This Sunday, June 19th, 2011 at 2pm SLT she will be holding an auction for her horses and you can contact her inworld for more details and location.
In the meantime enjoy these pics of Kharissa's ranch of the Lifestyles Of The Bitchin' Famous!


Khar said...

LOL ..Only you Zig wold put STUD Service first!!!

you did an awesome job show casing the openness of the Ranch. The beauty of the trees and nature. I love my horses and I love to spend time there, enjoying nature and the beauty of it....Oh Ziggy if you ever want me to auction you for STUD SERVICE, you got it ;))
Thanks Love awesome job

Bock McMillan said...

When do you start taking bids for Ziggy, Kharissa? And will there be a "satisfaction guaranteed"-clause?


Yes Yes and Yes Bock...if you bid yourself then you win!!!!