Monday, June 06, 2011

Hot and Sexy Men of Second Life at Blow Buddies

Wow, you could smell the hot testosterone of the big, hairy, shirtless men last night at the manly BLOW BUDDIES biker bar! Wall to wall men with hairy chests, ripe, erect, throbbing nipples, huge, thick cocks straining in their massive bulges to burst out of their zippered cages and spring free, proud and erect...soaked in sweat and man leakage!
The place was packed with 62 hot avatars dancing nip to nip. So close it was hard not to have your nip caps constantly being grazed by the nips of other, like minded bull men!
Beautiful rugged,dudes such as Stevie, Jaxon, Jeb, Pro, Hotboy, Noah and so many many more.
My perv cam was on overdrive as I rocked out to the non-stop, high energy rock tunes of incredibly sexy, fabulous and very hip, DJ Hotboy Lockjaw!
I dare you to feast your eyes on the following pics and tell me you did not twitch in the groin....
12 out of 10 for this happening...woof!

1 comment:

Carl said...

It had to be great. Nothing like the natural scent of men especially in close quarters. Would definately be a turn on.