Friday, June 10, 2011

Friends List?

I was leering over my overgrown "friends" list last night while dancing at an incredibly dull club when I realized that over half my friends list was filled with names and people who I barely knew or that have not spoken to me whatsoever in over 3 months and if they were in my presence, did not even bother to acknowledge me when I said "Hi" in local chat to them! Many of these friends were once considered good friends but have now over time not considered me worthy of notice! Some of these friends are even showcased in this blog of mine!
I decided that Ziggy needed to begin again and start Chapter 2 of his online Second Life existence and so without mercy I deleted the friendships of anybody who has not spoken to me in the past 2 or 3 months or stopped saying even a hello to me when I was within 10 meters of them at a club! What I am looking for now is real friends for my friends list. Not people looking for a quick fuck, or to use me but only people who hang with me at least occasionally or at least are polite and say hey!
Deleting some long time friends made me sad but I felt it had to be done for my sake!
Avatars change and grow apart true but 2 or 3 of these friends really hurt my feelings that they snub me. One friend was once a close neighbor of mine and at one time we had tremendous adventures but now I am just forgotten. Another was an ex-boyfriend who left me in his wake.'s time for a big change....again!


Bock McMillan said...

I can totally sympathize with your stand on this, I have indeed often wonder who some of the persons on my friends list are and where or when I can have met them.

For awhile now I have thought about taking some sort of action in culling my friends list, but I need to make clear to myself first which parameters to use in doing so.

For myself I do not believe that the fact that I and someone on my friends list haven't spoken for a certain time is a good parameter, although I can understand if others use it.


I am happy to consider you, Bock, one of my new friends! :-)
The friends I culled were dancing at the same club as me and I said hello but they said hi to everyone but me like I was invisible and one "Fabulous Individual" who was once a good friend actually hit on my RL BF Larz, right in front of me last night while ignoring me completely.

DJ InsyX said...

As someone who has like 863 people on his friend list i can see your point. I have trimmed it down and really most of them added me due to SL Pride, DJing, or just cool convos and wondering why they are not on my list lol.

In the end I look more to who's online on my list more than anything. The only time I really dwell in the offline area of the list is if I need to hand note cards or objects out to peeps and I have a list of peeps to do it to.

I guess I am comfortable with the huge list of peeps knowing that i know who I added and why they are there and when I added them. I know it is very wierd coming from a person that has an anally organized inventory of 73K objects, but that may play a hand in it too LOL.

Eddi Haskell said...

I rarely drop anyone from my friends list. Mine now stands at about 750. Some people take offense when I do this, and I would rather just leave things be than have to explain to someone why they were dropped -- because we have not been in contact much.

I kind of look at my friends list as a contact list. Perhaps 20% of my list are real friends who I speak to on a regular basis. But if someone wants to stay on it, they can.

Carl said...

I know your feeling and have thought of clearing my list down some, but they are there because at one time they wanted to be. We can get busy. I feel bad when I go to places where everyone used to speak and greet and now can go there and no one says anything. It makes me feel guilty of having maybe not been what they expect me to be. I truly understand how you feel. I will not clean mine for I might hurt someone. I rarely talk with the friend who brought me into SL but he is always there when I have a problem. Love you Ziggy and love your blog

Grunt Popstar said...

I read someone's profile once and it said something like, "I clean my friends list occasionally depending on how often we talk. Don't take it personal, SL is not Facebook". I got that. I just for the first time since beginning in SL almost a year back pruned my friends list down about 50%. Its not that I decided not to be friends with people, just honestly didn't remember who they were, or we simply didn't interact enough to justify their name popping up every time they logged in or out.

Kharissa Indigo said...

I hear ya Ziggy I hate it when I say Hi and people ignore me..or send me tp's ALL the time plus the notices and...well you know what I mean....What's wrose is the ones that do that and I can't take them off my list..... Love ya Hunny....Oh BTW



I am proud to have all you peeps as my friends for life xoxoxoxoxoxoxox
Hi Khar (waves)