Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Firestorm Viewer Beta Has Arrived...

The day has finally arrived and the legendary PHOENIX FIRESTORM BETA VIEWER is ready for download and usage!
It is a perfect hybrid between Viewer1 and Viewer 2 with functionality almost like Phoenix as much as possible and includes full radar, built in AO as well as no sidebar, detachable windows etc etc. It even has the favored pie menu hoo hoo...
See the video tutorial below as well as the link for the Phoenix blog and download site.
I love it and is now my main full time viewer and after using it for 7 hours plus, I found it solid, reliable, rezz fast and seems like better graphics. I love it.
Sometime soon the old viewer 1's will no longer work so those of you who hate the Lindens Viewer 2 will want to get FIRESTORM because it is the easiest viewer to use next to viewer 1 etc.

Ziggy gives the Firestorm Beta Biewer 10 out of 10 Zig points...
The Phoenix Firestorm Beta Viewer can be downloaded here with more info:

Above and beyond the standard V2 features like multi attachments/tattoo layers/av physics, Media on a prim, shadow capability.. etc…

Optional Pie menu or Context right click menus.
Brand new built in AO
Brand new built in full range Radar with lots of options
Radar can report when an avatar enters or leaves draw distance and/or chat range
Estate/parcel management tools in radar right click menus
Region/parcel information in menu bar (optional)
Lots of skin customization options and changes from LL V2
V1 style Communicate window
Ability to close floater windows
Ability to show/hide ALL windows via bottom bar buttons
Viewer remembers window state/locations on relogs
Several additional skins with side tabs and without side tabs options
Additional Graphics settings and options
Separate Movie/Music stream controls
Ability to quickly open locations for crash logs, settings, cache, chat logs etc.
Greater camera freedom
V1 style Dialogs in top right of window
V1 style nearby chat
V1 style profile windows, ability to open multiple profiles
Vertical side tabs for IM’s
Show look-at, and selection crosshairs beacons
Hide my look-at, and selection crosshairs beacons
Allow multiple viewer instances
Allow login to other grids (has known issues)
Disable TP screens, log in and log out screens
Disable TP Sounds
Rez objects under land group
Filter duplicate landmarks on world map
Ability to not send av physics to server
Display name/user name options for displaying and sorting in multiple lists like friend list, radar etc
Clicking your av keeps camera position option
Disable minimum camera zoom distance
Allow camera to move without constraints through prims
Minimap rotation options
Role Play Chat options
Friend on/offline notices to nearby chat
Show IM’s in chat console
Use full screen width for chat console
Group moderators can be shown in bold text
Disable all group chats
When receive group notices is disabled, disables group chat as well
Keyword alerts
Improved Area Search
Command line options for chat bar (not all functions work yet)
Shared Parcel Windlight
New Bridge for improved viewer functionality
Window size presets for Machinima makers
KDU for greater performance, stability, and reliability in decoding images
Configurable Auto responses to IM’s
Snapshots can upload directly to your Flickr account
Set Default upload permissions
Improved Camera control and movement control windows
Separated Media/music stream controls
Media Filter for your security
Prim Alignment tool
Inventory collapse/expand buttons
Inventory right click> wear and replace/add outfits on inventory folders
Cut/copy/paste on text editors like notecards, chat windows, scripts etc.
Worn tab in inventory
Ability to hide bottom chat bar via unrestricted resize
Dragable group notices
Group UUID and Link copy button for groups
User UUID’s in their profiles
Stream artist song and artist information in chat
All builds are Large Address Aware for systems with greater than 2 gig memory

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