Saturday, May 28, 2011

Ziggy's Pride Part Three: Stonewall and Oink

My third and final night of Second Life Pride before I have to return to my real life and the horrible depression of having to work for a living just for the privilege of paying tax!
The day started off with a kick in the teeth when I was informed by my landlord that my skybox was not going to be renewed for rental because she was leaving SL for the summer and was closing the sim!!!!! I loved this home and was expecting to live there for a long time since I sold my island etc.
I began an exhaustive search with my buddy Larz and within 20 minutes I found the new skybox of my dreams...It is the same as my old one but BIGGER with a ROOFTOP DECK.
Long story short Larz helped me move and we then tested out the provided, well stocked bar before I headed off to get intoxicated by the sounds of succulent DJ HOTBOY/MJHOTBOY at this club called STONEWALL MAIN STATION. This was also a fund raiser event for Second Pride as well as for my buddy InsyX who is in danger of loosing his sim and AQUA LOUNGE because of the crushing tier payments (don't get me started on the topic of Lindens and tier payments!) Good luck Insy and hope it goes well for you! XXXX
I crashed hard at one point and decided to shop a little for a new piece of pixel furniture for my new home.
Later that night, refreshed and surprisingly sober I accompanied Larz to the Second Pride stage for Aqua's OINK night with DJ InsyX and host Daddy Cam where Kharissa Indigo and her sexy Hog Dancers entertained us throughout the set!
Insy was on fire tonight and provided the beats and the eye candy to this crowd of intoxicated, sexy avatars but my night ended abruptly 90 minutes into the set when I actually, physically, fell asleep/passed out in real life on my computer chair after being awake for almost 24 hours straight! At some point my viewer must have crashed and around 2 am I was being shook awake by Larzy when he threw a glass of cold water in my face to stop me from snoring and ruining all his fun! I missed the end of the party and my time off work to enjoy Second Pride was over for another year despite the more fantastic party's that were instore this weekend that I will have to miss!
I work a stressful, real life job that involves alot of shift work and my hours change constantly leaving me in a state of jet lag most of the time. I miss out on so much life that it is starting to get to me now and I am questioning why I keep doing this...Maybe a change is in store but I been doing this job for so long now that it is frightening to leave.....See you on the grid in 7 days babies!!!!!


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