Thursday, May 05, 2011

An Interview with DJ Hotboy Lockjaw aka DJ Mjshotboy Skytower

This week after having a particularly, good time at the Blow Buddies Club with hot and sexy DJ Hotboy, I decided it was about time I did an interview with this up and coming DJ. It's rare that a DJ plays song after song that I love and plays tunage that I might not have ever heard before and Hotboy sure delivers! Not bad in the looks department either as you can see by the steaming, hot pics he so fabulously provided for me!

1) Hey man, thanks for agreeing to do this interview with little, old me!
First of I would like to say I first heard your DJing about 6 months ago and was very impressed by your energy, enthusiasm and very hot tunes which no other Second Life DJ's ever play.
I especially love that you play "Butterfly" by Crazy Town and my current favorite tune: Straight Acting,huge dick Faggot tune lol (Houston Bernard-"Str8 Acting"). I don't know who sings it but i love it!

2)When did you first start DJing on Second Life and where was the first place you played? Do you remember the very first song you played? Have you ever DJ'd in real life?

No just sat in with some real life DJ's but was not really my gig so doesn't count lol

3) For the benefit of all the peeps reading this, what is your schedule? What times and days and clubs you play at? Do you have a website?

Folsom Freak DJ,Staff-sunday noon-2:00pm sl
Blow buddies DJ-sunday-5:00pm-7:00pm sl
Bull ring DJ-Tuesday noon-2:00pm sl
3 Bears Resort DJ-Wednesday-6:00-8:00pm sl
Teejs Castle DJ-monday 3:00pmsl friday 3:00pm sl
Summer Nights beach club,saturday 8:00pm slt
no website just a blog

4) When did you first discover Second Life and what made you fall in love with playing on Second Life?

I came into second life September 21,2008
Was a way for me to deal with things that have happened in my real life, which i could no longer participate in.

5) What would you do if you woke up one day and found out that Second Life had disappeared and no longer existed?

Go in a coma and sleep till it came back lol

6) What are your current top 10 favorite songs?

Houston Bernard-Str8 Acting
Lawrence-rocket man
Lady GAGA-born this way
2-4 grooves-writing on the wall
Faith Michaels feat Camuso-Fetish
Sleaze Sisters-SEX
DJ Touch-ride it cowboy
Britney Spears-Till the world ends

7) What place would be your dream place to DJ either future place or place you have already played?

My all time Fav Venue is Blow Buddies sundays at san francisco

8) What gets you off the most when your playing? The music, the crowds or the sexy men screaming to sleep with you (hehe)?

All the sexy hot man who come and dance and have a great time with me

9) When, how and where did you meet your handsome boyfriend, Ohiomike Lockjaw?

I meet Him way before SL
In another virtual world RLC
He came to my second event in Sl at my very first dj Job at Club Caution now since long closed.
After a very long drawn out relationship.
He rescued me from my Master here in sl and we was married two months later.

10) Whom is YOUR favorite DJ or your fav DJ's?

DJ Treat Kanto
DJ Nash Gearhead
DJ Floyd Arun DeBond
DJ Karl Kalchek

11) Tell us about you big win last year as MISS WIGSTOCK 2010? I was there and saw you and you looked Devine ;-)
Do you like to dress up in drag?

I was a drag queen real life for about 5 years when i was very young before i found myself in the gay community. Plus in Real Life i am a make up artist and Wig designer for many of the worlds top Drag Queens and Performance artists.

12) Ok buddy thank you for your time.I look forward to every time you play and it is safe to say you are currently my favorite DJ on Second Life! You fucking rock!!!!

Hotboy's Blog can be found here:

If you like real men and real music then check out DJ Hotboy or get your fucking head examined! This man fucking rocks.....

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Anonymous said...

Real talent stands out, this guy's talent shines... brightly! To know him is to love him ...or at least to love his musical deliverance. It's always a party when Hotboy walks into a room...or onto a dock! Once...a friday night, as I recall, DJ Hotboy shows up at HUBS...the usual quiet scene...banter slowly crawling the chat....IM windows flickering in the dusk, when sudden;y there's a dance ball hanging, a sploder floats in ...the tunes start flying...and there's this spontaneous party that just knocked my socks off....well it would have 'cept I was naked at the time But you get my fuckkn ROCKED! But that's why it's so much fun to hang with this guy....he IS the party. The tunes 'n such are just the decorations!