Saturday, April 02, 2011

Vaan Artis 1st Rez Day PartA...

Party tonight and fun for all for Vaan Artis's very first Rez Day party at the Blue Love Lagoon sim.
DJ HOTBOY aka Hotboy Lockjaw played us the soundtrack and all the 41 plus sexy men that filled the sim gave us the eye candy!
I need to catch my breath for a second thinking of all the shirtless, sexy men I saw and as well the ever sexy Kharissa in attendance. Last time I saw that many hard, erect nips was in a bath house I used to frequent as a noob called Cite Gay...
Larz was there of coarse as well as a very sexy dude I met named AVACAR BLUESTAR who hypnotized me as his sweaty, exposed torso gyrated in my face as well as the teasing Grunt Popstar and his bulbous crotch thrusting and releasing to the rythem, directly in my face!
Sexy Regi Yifu was also in saucy form and Protactinium Thor also had his beautiful, hairy chest in my line of vision that left my pants soaked in leakage from simply watching him. God what a nice chest he has!
Awwww men! (I fall to my knees and pray)

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