Thursday, April 14, 2011

Turn and face the Strange....CCCCChanges!

Lots of changes happening for me this week. Larz and myself decided to move away from our expensive beach house and land and move into separate, city, sky boxes. Maybe I was waterlogged from all the salt water but speaking for myself I needed a change and was sick of paying a large amount of real life dollars for a piece of virtual land that i did not physically own!
I live in a nice huge, loft sky box with changeable scenery, rain or snow or sunshine and when I am sick of the sky line I can switch it. When I am sick of the sky box I can easily move to a new place and a new change of scenery.
Also now that I am single again and a free bitch baby, I am horny as fuck and looking to fuck like a jack hammer and a sky box is Uber private!

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