Monday, April 11, 2011

The World Needs to Wake up To The Fact That Aliens Exist...

I know I harp and moan on this subject alot but I am a firm believer in aliens and UFO's.
The video above and the link below are very strong examples and proof that something is going on!
The world, especially North Americans really need to wake up to the fact and open their minds and stop worrying about the silly things like money, shopping, celebrities and fashion which are all used to keep our minds stupified and that keep us all from thinking for ourselves! The media is designed to fill our minds with crap and noise so we don't get wise. However the media can also be the ones to turn this around and stop distracting us with shallow trivial bullshit and let our minds think deeper!
Any mention of anything like UFO's and aliens are now so embedded in our minds that it is crazy that it is scoffed at! This is designed to undermine the truth!
The government is going to announce very soon about the existence of aliens visiting our planet and people need to wake up and just think "What If"?????
The government and the big money people in this world are in one big club and they do not want you in it!

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