Friday, April 08, 2011

Gagging On GLEE...

Is it just me or am I on my period this month but this TV show GLEE is everywhere!
Influencing commercials, movies, sexual preferences and penis size.
People breaking into song at the drop of the hat and it is making me have to serious restrain my vomit reflex. The bile builds up as I dash for a bucket within 5 seconds of watching this show!
I saw 2 different TV commercials directly copying the silly GLEE moments of corny, horrible cover versions of classic songs destroyed, raped and ransacked by tinny, thin voiced singers attempting to bastardize classic artists, songs and singers.
Don't get me wrong I loved musicals like "Rocky Horror Picture Show" and "Little Shop Of Horrors" which were sort of meant to be comedic and corny and actually both movies come from a period in time when this format seemed to work but in this day and age on a TV show it is sickening and not funny. I am sorry but it makes us fags look pathetic and wimpy to our straight friends as the main gay character on the show looks and talks and acts like a prancing, little milk sop!
Yeah yeah yeah I hear some of you scream in disapproval, gays come in all shapes and sizes and tastes well the taste it it leaves me with is bile and since I am gay I can and will cut them to the ground!
"Well turn the channel or don't watch it" some of you may scoff, but this is the whole point!!! I do not watchit, have never watched an entire episode yet it is influencing other things I do watch and this makes it rape to me, forcing me at gunpoint to sing and dance like a prancing nancy on X mixed with G and followed up with a stiff snort of China White cocaine sending my mind off in a downward spiral of fake smiles, perfect combed, nerd hair and a smile on a pair of cock sucking lips that would make the twinkiest guys from Club BLU dive for a free toilet retching their guts out as their watering eyes are forced (i.e. the scene in A Clockwork Orange)to force everybody and everything to suddenly burst into
joyous, cheesy song....
And my moral of my ranting diatribe?


DJ InsyX said...

You know my feelings lol. Glee is crap and pretty boring but then again I am just not into watching things that may have a good story line and then people bust out into song and dance...I just can't get into that. Really tho I am more into action and sci-fi, sports, and all the fun stuff that most would find straight acting. I do not...I find it me-acting as I do these things cause I get pleasure from it.

I think I really can't stand Glee cause it does not speak to me in any way of my life at all. There is nothing on there for the not so effeminate man. Fact is I am surprised it does not just have a viewer base of 12 year olds or younger LOL.


Shall I get us both a vomit bucket? hehehe