Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Phoenix Firestorm Viewer Preview 2 is a Success...

Wow, yesterday I downloaded and used the freshly released version 2 of the Phoenix Firestorm Viewer and used it for 12 hours straight and must say I loved it.
The Firestorm viewer has made a V2 viewer the way that SL should have made with their horrific V2.
No sidebar, and has radar and many other very cool stuff and is the closest thing to old faithful SL V1 or Phoenix Viewer layout possible yet including the newer code that will be necessary to continue viewing Second Life in the near future!
I love it so much that even though it is not ready for the general public and is still in a pre-alpha testing stage, that it is now my full time viewer of choice.
To download it you must go inworld and join the Phoenix Firestorm Preview group. Then in the notices find the download links. First remove all traces of the first version of Firestorm if you have it. Then download new one, log in a quiet sim and wait for your entire inventory to full load and then relog for best results. It will not change or destroy all your settings for your other viewers.
Remember it is still a work in progress and not finished by a long shot but as is now is still one hell of a great viewer 2 and accomplishes what the Lindens have failed to do!
It took me less than hour to learn how to use it confidently.Lots of customization and tweaking to suit your preferences. Buttons along the bottom like Phoenix and NO SIDEBAR! Multiple clothing attachment and prim layers. Multiple tattoo layers...etc
This viewer will soon be available as beta by the end of April I am told and will eventually include all the features that we have come to love with the Phoenix
There are rumors that by 2012 all V1 viewers like Phoenix will no longer work with all the new Mesh and coding improvements that Linden Labs is integrating and this is why we all must eventually start using this new Viewer 2 type viewers as the old ones will no longer function. In my opinion, for all of you who like me, despised the Official Second Life Viewer bullshit than when this Firestorm viewer is finalized then this will be the one to use if you plan on sticking with Second Life. Just open your mind, your eyes and your imagination.....
Phoenix Firestorm Viewer 2 = 10 out of 10 Zig Points!

UPDATE: Due to demand here is the download link for Phoenix Firestorm Viewer Preview 2:
Phoenix-Firestorm Preview 2 v2.4.2.14915

IMPORTANT!! Uninstall previous Firestorm installations and make sure you install to a CLEAN EMPTY FOLDER! Do not overwrite an existing installation!



Teleny Macarthur said...

Thanx for the link, Zigster.. I've been wanting to test it out!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link and review on firefox. I just downloaded it too :))
Carol121 Caproni in SL

Anonymous said...

oooops I meant firestorm lol
Carol121 Caproni again

Aria Toussaint said...

Thanks, I am tired of showing up to events naked.