Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Oh The Drudgery

noun \ˈdrəj-rē, ˈdrə-jə-rē\
plural drudg·er·ies
Definition of DRUDGERY
: dull, irksome, and fatiguing work : uninspiring or menial labor
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Examples of DRUDGERY

1. He hated the drudgery of his job.

First Known Use of DRUDGERY
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Synonyms: donkeywork, drudge, 1toil, fatigue, grind, labor, moil, slavery, sweat, travail
Antonyms: fun, play

Well my poisonous little avatars my 4 days off work came to a screeching, crashing halt today as I have to return to work.
I had a great 4 day weekend though carousing with Kyle and Larz and a few other friends. Kharissa Indigo has a nice, beautiful, new "human" skin and she looks fabulous!!!!

I spent some alone time in the wee hours of Wednesday morning and bought some tropical plants and bushes to throw around the bare spots around our house.
I had a short but nice chat with my buddy Leander and went skinny dipping before a relaxing jacuzzi bath and bed....
Wed night Larz and I went dancing at Aqua and The Pavilion were hunky Kyle joined up with us after his torturous real life work day.
Some recent gossip: It appears that the dreaded REDZONE thing and it's creater which I had blogged about a few weeks back, was finally banned from Second Life for naughty spying practises so all your secret alts are safe...for now!
Also a rumor that the next preview version of the Phoenix Firestorm viewer 2 will be out next Monday and will contain radar and other fav features from the famous Phoenix Viewer....

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