Monday, March 21, 2011

I Don't Like Mondays...

Another groggy burned out Monday but I livened it all up dancing at Aqua and the Slot club tonight.
Again I repeat that I am being overwhelmed at how empty all the clubs seem to be lately, whether it's Second Life acting up with more problems than usual or what but it is becoming painfully sparse!

Larz and myself at Aqua

Jesse Belavidorico at Aqua:

InsyX Piranha-Botanical at Aqua:

DJ Romeo Reardon at Aqua:

Hurtfulsplash Solis at Aqua:

Larz and I at The Slot Club:

Vis Vought at The Slot:

Bee Glasswing At The Slot:

Derek Wottitz and Noah Ellsmere at The Slot:

DJ Treat Kanto at The Slot:

Puzzled Scribe at The Slot:

Jeb Nichols at The Slot:

Protactinium Thor at The Slot:

12inchesAiden Bigbear at The Slot:

1 comment:

Grunt Popstar said...

You have been in SL a lot longer than have I so your perspective is much wider. But in my smalle sphere, I see a lot of new clubs on the scene recently competing for one's presence.