Sunday, March 20, 2011

2012 and The Apocalypse? Fact or Fiction-You be The Judge...Part 2

Do you want to survive something like the apocalypse? If your like me then you just don't want to really think about it and party as if everyday is your last! Even if there is no apocalypse we know we will all die eventually anyways so why not fucking live it up!
What are your opinions babies?

December 21, 2012... December 22, 2012 ... What is going to happen on December 23, 2012? Is it the 2012 Apocalypse... is it true the world will end in 2012 as per the 2012 Mayan Calendar... the Nostradamus 2012 predictions... or the astronomy 2012 reports for the planetary alignment of 2012 ?

Surviving 2012

Many articles talk about why the Mayan Calendar ends in 2012, but who will survive 2012 and will there be a 2012 asteroid or a pandemic 2012; these are questions on many people's minds. While some people look at Nostradomus 2012 predictions, the answer may have been known by the Mayans many thousands of years ago.
Theory of 2012

Long before Nostradamas 2012 predictions were the Mayan Prophecies. Some Mayan legends. like the Great Flood and the 13 Crystal Skulls, are legends that are also shared by many ancient cultures and indigenous people around the world.

Mayan Calendar and 2012

The Mayans have created a calendar that has been shown to be accurate through many generations. But why does the Mayan Calendar end in 2012? In simple terms, the calendar completes its 5,125 year cycle, but Mayan predictions for 2012 do not necessarily mean it is the end of the world. They do believe there is hope - and crystal skulls could be playing a major role in why the world won't end in 2012.
Bible codes 2012

Many also wonder what does the Bible have to say about 2012 and will we see the return of Christ in 2012. The scriptures may not directly refer to 2012, but events like the Rapture hold many similarities to Nostradamos 2012 predictions.
2012 end of life

Some may be planning a 2012 doomsday party - others will perform 2012 ceremonies (often centered around crystal skulls), while many will ponder "will we die in 2012". Others will debunk the planetary alignment for the year 2012 and think Nostradamus and 2012 is a bunch of bull. Ultimately, the significance of the year 2012 may turn out to be no more than another Y2K at the turn of the last Millennium.

2012 depression

Is the glass half full - or half empty? So is the world supposed to end in 2012? Is there such a thing as a 2012 asteroid? Is Nostradamus and 2012 real? For some 2012 will be the end of life, for many it can begin a new era.
2012 is it real?

Some people may think this is the end of the world and run up their credit card bills as they did before Y2K at the turn of the Millennium. However, these people simply entered the new Millennium deeply in debt, usually with little to show for it. Even if this is not the end of the world, it is certainly the end of the world as we know it. The threat of climate change has been shown to be very real, and the choices that we make now determine our collective future. Think of the impending approach of 2012 as a catalyst for making changes in your life, much as 9/11 was a catalyst for people to reprioritize their lives. This is an opportunity to choose to really live well now - not as if there were no tomorrow, but to live life to the fullest, no matter how long or how short that is, because in life, anything can happen at any time. So what happens in the year 2012 could correlate to the actions that you take between now and December 21, 2012.

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