Friday, February 18, 2011

The Last AussieBoys...I Will Miss This Sim More Than Anywhere!

I logged in this morning and read the news - Oh Boy!
Aussieboys was closing, yet another major, long time legendary club is closing it's doors although both owners Alexcub12 Hax and Dazza12 Slade will still keep the name alive with parties at 3 bears Resort but the actual sim and club will be gone!
I have posted here before what Aussieboys means to me as I was born there 3 and a half years ago as Rex Short. I was befriended instantly by these very friendly guys and they taught me everything I know. Aussieboys was the first sim I arrived at after leaving Help Island and barely able to walk or fly I was trapped in a corner of a building were Dazza came along and saved me (lol)
Fast forward a few months later and I was looking more like myself and partnered to Dazza12 Slade and one of the co-owners of Aussieboys for a short period of time!
Anyways this morning was the last Aussieboys party at the club and along with Larz Kas, Kharissa Indigo and my sexy, hot man-hunk Kyle Beckett, we partied the last few hours along with DJ Insyx...Goodbye Aussieboys I Loved You and will never forget...

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