Sunday, February 06, 2011

Redzone Greenzone: I know All Your Alts

There has been a major controversy on SL lately about devices that landowners can use called REDZONE which does many things such as detect copybots etc but it also lists all an avatars alts causing major screaming and yelling from the mass populace that wants to remain anonymous with their alts.
Now there is a free hud which is available here:
that can hide and shield you from such big boogie men. There is also major controversy as to whether this Greenzone is safe as well. People on the SL and other forums have had the Greenzone tested and it all appears safe and above board. I have yet to try it but I have no alts test it with.
Now I share my internet connection with my real life partner who goes by the name of Larz Kas on SL and these Redzone detectors do not discriminate and it would show Larz and myself as being alts because we are on the same system. Anybody who knows us well and spoke with us at the same time on voice knows we are definately not the same person lol.
Anyways the debate continues. REDZONE good or bad?

Things ya can do to keep your alt private...

* Untick "Play Streaming Media When Available"
* Do not play Media on land you can't guarantee does not have a scanner
* Keep your alt on land that you know does not have a scanner
* Don't log in your alt
* There are several bits of software that hide and whatnot ya IP address - Go talk to a techy person for details

List of all places that use REDZONE

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