Sunday, February 13, 2011

Justin Bieber Makes Me Gag...

Baby Baby baby Ooooooh.....SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!
I am so glad I was born a big fat fag and not a little bubble gum chewing teeny bopper girl throwing my panties soaked in pee pee at Justin Bieber and his recycled Donny Osmond shit.
I hated Donny Osmond "Puppy Love" and I hate Bieber it makes me gag!
Millions of lesbians all over the world are dressing and acting like little Justin Bieber and I can see it now, armies and armies of Justin Biebers lesbians covered in panty necklaces were the young teenage girls soaked themselves and threw their nickers at his head like a giant game of prepubescent ring toss!
I'm sorry but I was never one of those girly fairies that are so stereotypically portrayed on TV and I am proud to shout from the tree tops of the my local, gay, cruising park...."I HATE GLEE-THE SHOW SUUUUCKSSSSS!"
I am a masculine gay man who likes masculine things, masculine men and masculine music lol
In a year from now all this GLEE and Justin Bieber fad will be gone and forgotten and some new pansies will be flitting across our TV screens and whining at us in high pitched puberty voices about love affairs gone wrong that they never really had in the first place!
Baby Baby Baby Ewwwwwwwwww


DJ InsyX said...

I could not agree more. I am not into these reality shows, showtunes shows, and pussy bubble gum pop lol. Bieber is just Britney Spears and Paris Hilton combined with a cock...Tho I bet he does not have that lol.

Back to ESPN for me :)

Grunt Popstar said...


-Sam Kinison

Preach it brother! You fuckin made my day stud!

Eddi Haskell said...

You know that he going to be 17 on March 1 -- and his voice hasn't dropped yet? Seriously. He has the voice of a 12 year old male. Not only that, he's a sex symbol with the 14 year-old set. I used to think I had similar tastes (I would do anything Justin Iimberlake had on his mind as long as it did not involve a fist) but not with this guy!

I kind of view him as a medical curiosity with a 1977 hair-do, no body hair, and a whole bunch of cash, the likes of which I can't possibly imagine!

Grunt Popstar said...

Yeah.......he SUX. But you day he will sprout facial hair, some muscle tone and tattoos....will come out with a gay anthem.

DJ InsyX said...

Haha only if he gained 250 pounds and body hair and his balls drop maybe I will notice lol. I think he will be a fad like his twin Hannah Montana lol.

However, even if he goes away there will be another Disney, American Idol, shitbag to take his place lol


Sugar coated pop fodder to ram down the already bloated throats of the American public designed to put us all in a state of comfort so we don't notice the important things!
Blind us with stupidity so we don't wise up to the bullshit of the world and revolt hehehehe
Yup I sound like an anarchist!

Anonymous said...

ziggy are u made i dont care if your a fag. seriously. i think justin is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot i dont care wat you say but i will always think and say justin is hot wether u like it or not i seriously dont care