Saturday, February 05, 2011

Beware The Public Carnivores Hiding Behind Every Bush!

This is a post about real life for a change and it may get rough...
What the hell has happened to manners? Seems nobody has them anymore. Walking down the street in any big city and one is constantly bombarded by the "modern zombie". A modern zombie is a person who blindly walks down the street with their face buried in a blackberry, cell phone or some other device. They crash into everybody insight, including each other like chickens with their heads cut off. Women seem to be the worst as they also suffer from a secondary affliction known as the "Diva Disease" where they think men will move out of the way for them regardless simply because they are women! God help you if you are meek and take their shit.
Now in real life I can be somewhat intimidating. I am 5'10" with lots of tattoos and husky sized yet trying to walk normally down the street I am in danger of having my arms and shoulders torn off from people not looking were they are going and smashing into me! I often call them on it and cause quite a loud scene in public. These rat racers all rushing to go nowhere fast!
I like to use my elbows to take out some of the really rude assholes and like to think that the next person they encounter they may use slightly more manners and watch where they are going for fear of being beaten and stomped into the earth.
Also one must watch out for all the public carnivores hiding behind every bush, which in plain English means the hoods, criminals, gang members and homeless types all waiting to pounce on the unsuspecting to get their spare change or steal their wallets from unwatched back pockets!
Now the moral of my little story/rant here is :

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